This Legend Needs a Home

“Creative people are the best kind of dangerous.” - Rachel Wolchin

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it again, Fernie is synonymous with the term legendary: legendary snow, legendary views, legendary people. Steph Fleming is no exception. When she opened Infinitea eight years ago, some locals laughed at the idea of yet another coffee shop but what they didn’t know was that it would evoke so much more. She had the vision to house food and art, a perfect cultural pairing under the same roof, the same roof that had always housed legends 100 years previous. This radiant soul brought her business acumen, her education and experience, and most importantly, her love for the arts and snow to Fernie and I don’t think our legendary town has ever been the same. Like me, I know you miss the live scene. Live performance is a true gift of vulnerability and skill and Steph was nurturing that, offering a decadent space for artists of all disciplines and walks of life.

Thank you Steph. Thank you for believing in the artists and pouring your heart and soul into Infinitea, that legendary tea shop around the corner.

This Legend Needs A Home
by Sadie Rosgen and Steph Fleming

Do what you love, always love
energy eyes
dreaming materialize
bringing music
chaos connection
to a room
dare down the alley
the sidestreet
open the red door you can’t see behind people dance
laughter in a glance
leaving reflections

mirrored through
moving through time compromising nothing glasses celebrate
the home you have made and the open road anything you have earned weave the scene in the dark light the spark
leave the story to grow The Legends