Kira Steed

Intentions are an interesting concept when it comes to artistry. Being an artist, from my perspective and experience, is about freedom of expression throughout the process and even in the final result. I’ve come to learn that just because I start with an idea or inspiration, it does not mean that my final product will imitate that. A painting may stem from specific inspiration, yet the beauty is to breathe new life into that concept. I revel in finding inspiration from the beautiful world around me: flowers, plants, animals, shapes of leaves or movement in an ever-changing sky. I experience freedom in that concept of art, yet for growth to happen within the tangible business aspect of things, intentions are everything. I have goals. Experience to gain. Plans to change and adapt.

I’ve always had a knack for creating and as a child I was an artist. I possessed the trait of paying close attention to detail. There is a saying that goes, “Every child is an artist.” And I really believe that to be true. The trouble is, as we age and life becomes more technical, we can lose touch with the childlike instincts: In my situation, this was the case. I was at a point in my life where I wasn’t doing much to channel my creativity.

The summer of 2016 was like nothing I had experienced before. My family was living in Northern Alberta: Fort McMurray, when the city was threatened and then consequently ravaged by wildfire. We found ourselves displaced for almost two months and living with family members for the time. My mother was gaining interest in the medium of watercolour and so we ventured together and she taught me a few things she had knowledge of prior to. I spent afternoons delving into this new world. I was intrigued and in awe. I had been missing this artistic side of myself for years. With that said, I couldn’t stop painting. Watercolour is a beautiful thing. There is peacefulness brought through the delicate movement of water intermixing with pigment.

I continued to experiment and expand my knowledge over a couple of years as I self- taught. I spent time and money testing out different papers, brands of watercolour paint, brushes, etc. until I was happy with a product and its results. I casually embraced commissioned pieces for friends and family. When I became a mom; three years after initially delving into watercolour, I made my art a priority. I signed up for an art/ trade show and made a goal to be ready for it. And I did it!

I’ve been in the Fernie area for most of 2019 and I’ve spent the year showcasing my artwork, selling at fairs, connecting and collaborating with brands and growing my online presence. My favourite thing is to see how my artwork sparks a little joy in those who see it. I want to continue to spark joy through my artwork and I am working to expand this business with a knowledge of surface pattern design and through more collaborations with other artists or companies. I would love to one day see my artwork on manufactured goods. Perhaps on a notebook, fabric or wallpaper. Hint: some of those things may already be in the works.

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