Kate Moran

As most artistic journeys begin, I was an artsy kid in a creative household, and I know only a life of design. Thanks to a solid foundation in extras like knitting, sewing, macrame, beading, and creative building growing up, my adult years as an artist have been expansive with new skills, techniques, and challenging projects. The story of a multi-medium artist is a complex one! At 34, it appears my current chapter involves many of the separate skills and experiences that I have been acquiring are finally integrating into super projects. A handful of circumstances pivoted my journey along the way...

As a fresh “adult” in 2007, I set off on a life adventure with an unknown destination. I ended up managing a hostel in Colorado, meeting a soul friend, buying an old school bus for $100 there, and off we went for a year through Mexico and Central America. During this incredible time, I was introduced to the concept of sculptural macrame as contrast to my linear and pattern work. Living in Nelson, BC four years later, I focused on this work almost exclusively for a time. Nelson is known for the arts, and I was soaking up every bit of it. I created my first conceptual collection of sculptural macrame art jewelry there, additionally learned to wet felt hats, and everything that comes with a job at a bead shop.

Life happened in 2014, and it was time to relocate to Fernie, BC. As excited as I was to electric slide into town like the serious artist I was becoming, I was not prepared for Fernie’s cold! I survived my first winter here in my apartment learning to crochet, and every winter since getting experimental with different interests, seemingly always circling back each year to crochet. For the past several winters I have been completely captivated in this chilly down time by the concept of freeform crochet. I now have learned to hook with ambidexterity in a colour blocked way to create images with yarn and am just weeks away from my first solo exhibition! Coming August 2021 to The Arts Station will be a free-form crochet collection of art titled The Guacamole Series, inspired by my favourite food from my original travelling bus days.

It has been an incredible seven years here in Fernie so far. The community and arts community welcomed me with open arms, and places like The Arts Station provide not only a creative space, but support to artists by helping them to access learning, exhibiting, and funding opportunities.

I rolled into Fernie, joined a thriving community, graduated from market vending to buying another school bus, and made it into my studio and store in downtown Fernie. I would be creatively limiting myself if I anticipated anything in my artistic career other than a journey with an unknown destination. This theory has taken me to unimaginable places before, and with a commitment to following my creative heart, I trust it will take me on an unimaginable artistic path.

Visit Ace Ferguson Studio on Instagram, Facebook and at acefergusonstudio.com to learn more about Kate and her creations and be sure to visit her exhibit at The Arts Station at the end of the month - theartsstation.com.