June 2023 Astrology

June begins with tension as retrograde Pluto opposes Venus, giving an intensity to relations and passions. Saturn sextiles Mars, which can create a constriction to willpower. It’s time to review the past to prepare for a new phase in life.

Pluto is currently retrograde, and Saturn will go retrograde in Pisces June 17- November 5. Neptune joins this retrograde motion June 30- December 6, also in Pisces. Mercury is direct however themes from late April and May still need to be grounded via discussion and communication. Transferring knowledge is an aspect of communication this month. June 3 marks the full moon in Sagittarius and June 17 marks the new moon with both alignments occurring just before midnight. Mars is approaching Venus and they travel together in the sky for most of the month, symbolizing romantic and passionate energy on earth and in all areas of life. It’s a great month to take your loved ones out on dates. Jupiter is conjunct the North node of the moon signifying destiny- trust any changes at this time.

The major themes of Pluto retrograde in Capricorn mean a time of inner renewal, regeneration and transformation. The subconscious aspects of self are more deeply explored and deep desires can be revealed. Saturn retrograde largely deals with karma and life lessons, which can lead to self-mastery. Spirituality, beliefs and self-discipline are major arenas that Saturn affects. Neptune retrograde deals with dreams, ideals, intuition and spirituality. In retrograde, it’s an easy time to be swept away by delusions, fantasies, overindulgences and addictions. Follow your intuition.

June 21 marks the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere as the Sun moved into Cancer. This is a joyous and loving time as we have the longest day of the year. Enjoy!

A month of grounding and allowing for greater balance in all aspects of life. Your love life is gaining momentum so spice it up and think outside the box. Surprises are fun ways to explore.

Your energy continues to be supported with the north node and Jupiter in your sign. Gemini energy also lightens you to mobilize and socialize more. A great month to say “yes” to invitations from friends or make some big moves.

Birthday blessings dear Geminis. This is a happy and positive month for you. Time will be spent doing what you love and loving what you do. Enjoy this vibrant and energetic time in both love and life.

Enhancing your daily life and daily energy requires small changes here and there. Does that food support your energy? Do you need to sleep earlier? Love yourself. These small practices make a big change.

A month where your energy shines. Your love life may undergo significant transformations - trust this. There is a grounding energy occurring, pushing people along their destined path. The intensity lightens by the third week.

A great month for a vacation: a time to explore and follow your heart. You are an analytical sign and probably have your 2025 year planned out but sometimes it’s a great feeling to throw plans to the wind and let your inner spirit simply move you. Be spontaneous!

June is joyous and intense all at the same time. There may be some ups and downs, but the point is to roll with it and trust the process. We are all here for the experience, that’s it. Do the best you can. Smile and take a step back to see a situation clearly.

A passionate month for you as Venus and Mars travel together and retrograde Pluto opposes. You thrive in intense situations and are the genius of the zodiac of all the emotions. A great month to play outside and focus on your loved ones.

A month that helps balance your energy as the Sun in Gemini opposes your energy. A great time to travel, explore and break out of any monotonous life situation. It will revitalize your spirit.

Pay attention to how your ruling planet, Saturn, affects your energy as it turns retrograde on June 17. It’s a time when your perseverance and poise are celebrated and also when you can learn, grow and further yourself along the path of self-mastery.

A great month to literally have the best time of your life. Gemini energy supports your air-sign energy so do what you love and love what you do. Follow your heart - it leads the way and watch how easily life transforms for you when you do this!

A lot of hard work and possibly tough times has led you to a month where you can truly say your desires are balanced and perhaps you may even be truly content. A great time to celebrate life with friends and loved ones because, truly, that’s what it is all about, isn’t it?