June 2022 Astrology

Happy June! The Sun travels through Gemini until June 21 where it moves into Cancer and marks the Summer Solstice - the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.

Pluto continues to travel in retrograde in the last degrees of Capricorn making us relive themes around power and intensity and creating deep internal transformation and regeneration. Mercury leaves its retrograde in the late degrees of Taurus on June 3 and turns direct to travel through Gemini again. The month of June is very important for communication as planets move through Gemini (Sun, Venus and Mercury) over the month. Saturn goes into retrograde in the early degrees of Aquarius June 5 and travels retrograde until October 23, 2022. Pluto and Saturn travelling retrograde together were major themes during COVID lockdowns so there’s potential for some level of restrictions to occur. There is also the theme of restriction and essentially a lack of power/sovereignty with Pluto and Saturn (again) retrograde in the sky. Mars and Jupiter travel in the sky in Aries so our willpower can bring change: what we do makes great advancements.

The full moon occurs at 6am June 14 with the sun and moon sitting across from each other in the zodiac. At this time, Mars will also be tightly conjunct Chiron, the wound.

It’s important for people to not operate out of their wound, this can indicate the surfacing of aggression, so awareness is helpful.

The new moon is June 28 at 9 pm with the sun and moon both sitting at 7 degree of cancer in the sky. The Solstice marks a time of epiphanies and inspiration.

It’s a month to take action and lots can happen especially in the first week. Be wary as Mars (your ruling sign) comes to join Chiron (the wound) in the middle of the month and be extra careful to mind your manners. Angry outbursts from self or other are very possible with this conjunction.

It’s a popular month for you, good for romance and general interactions with others. It’s also a time of change as we are in the Taurus-Scorpio axis eclipse portal this year so expect major life-changing events to occur over the next six months. Trust the process.

Happy birthday! It’s a refreshing month after a bit of a stagnant winter and spring. The community and group of people drive your attention and it’s a month to shine in your art of communication. A feeling of revival.

Happy birthday to you early decan Cancers! It’s a month focused on work and career and everything dealing with responsibility. It’s a refreshing time and feels like a new beginning, a launch of something or perhaps your own refreshing energy. 

June is a great month to travel, teach or learn something exciting and foreign. It’s a time of seeking meaning in a spiritual way and thus a time of growth and expansion into different places, themes, cultures, languages and even foreign foods.

A time where attaining money and also fortune with finances and potentially even inheritances mark the theme. It’s also a month where there is greater interest into the occult: religion, tarot, astrology and various forms of sexuality.

Relationship and partnership are your major theme this month. This can be romantic, work-related or friend-related, but the major theme is expansion with one-on-one relations. If you want a new relationship, of whatever sort, it’s a good month to be proactive about it.

A month focused on healing- which includes the mundane things such as the daily work schedules, cleaning and the health of the physical body. It’s a time to declutter space and create a mastered environment: clean, tidy, serene, organized. It’s a very strong and powerful month for you.

The full moon is in your sign so notice how it might illuminate some aspects of your subconscious. It’s a balancing month and a great time to evaluate how you are feeling/where you need to focus some energy.

Home and family are your focus this month. A possibility for renovations around the home or even a movement of the home location. It’s an energizing month - make sure to use this energy in healthy ways.

Communication is a major theme for you this month and it’s probably best to team up with the other air signs (Gemini, Libra) to have as much fun as possible. It’s a great time to teach and share your knowledge, perhaps run a workshop or publish something. 

This month is focused on your immediate security such as a stable income, a good home to live in, and lots of self-care such as sleep and good food. Energy security isvery important and is the basics for all other aspects of life.