June 2020 Astrology

Integrity of self is a very important theme. Especially for the times where society is attempting to create some movement. It’s a time where nobody knows the best way to be so one can only simply be! Keeping yourself insular is helpful.

This is a time of expansion for you in many different ways. Deep understanding into another realm of life can come at this time and following your intuition will be important. Be open to the new and fresh way of being!

Happy birthday Gemini. You see the truth as you see through the illusion. Many people can’t comprehend what you try to speak. Scorpio energy will understand you in these retrograde times. Cancer We will see the response of people’s actions from the end of May and beginning of June manifest in the community by the end of June. Good or bad is totally dependent on the integrity of the individual within the community. Remain cautious and remind people to do the same.

There is great importance of individual responsibility for communal health. People love to follow you whether you realize it or not. People look up to you. Setting a good integral example is an important part you can play in this time.

t is a time of contemplation for everyone on earth however there is a defining of self, a mastery of self that occurs and this correlates with your virgo energy. You have the important teachings of times like this, people will benefit from what you have to say so speak up! Libra Like a photograph in the developing room, there is the photograph and the ‘negative’ and the same goes for the reality that we experience. You are starting to comprehend this occult knowledge and both exist at once. Learning our individual place in this space and time continuum is a great adventure!

A theme of duality rips through, watching two worlds colliding. I wander how many people can look at their outer reality and recognize their role as creator or creatrix? To take true responsibility for ‘self ’ is a grande endeavour.

Wisdom is knowing that one can not know what comes next, and that the future does not exist and neither does that past. Most people sit oscillating between the two nonexistances and wandering why they are unhappy. Moment after moment, within the moment, is a life worth living.

Rely on traditional methods that have worked for you in past. Look to the past for intelligence on matters of the future. If you have seen something repeatedly work or not work, extrapolate this data for future endeavours.

Now is a good time to drive a stake into the ground and bring an idea into fruition. Your forward-thinking mind is a benefit: what futuristic ideals do you see society benefiting from? Spring is the time!

Contemplation marks the theme for you. Your own inner intelligence guides you the best way, not the weight of outer circumstances. Occult energy and the teachings of hermetics have a puzzle for you to solve. Thoughts only take us so far, tune in to the place of ‘knowing.’