June 2019 Astrology

June shows some opposing themes which is perfect Gemini energy: the moment you think ‘this’ then the opposing thought of ‘that’ will always occur. Gemini rules duality and is all about the intellectual processes of the mind which allows for the conundrums of thought and communication.

Neptune joins the retrograde planets of Jupiter, Pluto and Capricorn, bringing themes from the past.

The New Moon occurs June 3 and deals with Spiritual Cleansing: a theme of endings and rebirth and there is a lesson to not undervalue (the people in your life, what has been said, what is possessed, the word…). A theme of misinterpretations comes to light for this new moon. The Full Moon occurs June 17 and creates energy around fidelity, loyalty and allegiance. The major teaching is your attitude creates your karma. Start taking your experiences for the sake of learning from them.

You might notice the opposition of the energy that is in effect this month with your family especially. Your health will improve the last week of the month as you are guided to self-care.

You will be able to maintain stability this month better than most. In fact, you will most likely feel very much in your element as Venus sits in Taurus for most of the month. Enjoy the slow and steady.

In ancient astrologically folklore, it is Mercury that is the only sign that can go deep into the underworld and come back out. This is what is happening for you, pay attention to your ‘knowings’ and ‘a-ha moments’ -there will be lots of them.

The retrograde planets have you reminiscing on the past and it is bitter-sweet, nostalgia always does that. You are coming to terms with some emotional factors and this month is a pivotal point into your new world.

You might find information comes out of the depths that was misinterpreted and thus creates an ending and a new world for you. The teaching of the month is to use a smile as protection and that your attitude will govern your karma.

Your mind might be more active than normal and yet you might notice the slowing of the retrograde planets: aspects of life don’t advance as quickly as usual when major planets are retrograde.

You are always trying to find the balance with others however how do you do that when they are communicating two opposite things? Try your best to follow your first instinct and not think or try to ‘weigh’ the sides too much, that will just make it more confusing.

You are given occult knowledge this month so pay attention. The questions you have asked the past few years are being given answers. Be very wary of Pluto’s opposite to the Sun, Mercury and Mars in the last half of the month as your reaction time and intensity can be a lot for others.

You continue to download wisdom and knowledge all month and your feeling of connection to Spirit is expansive. This might be one of the best months for you all year so enjoy it.

Saturn and Pluto being retrograde in your sign will either be very ideal or you will have a difficult time. Knowledge of astrology helps in the understanding of these experiences in life.

You are less affected this month than the rest of the astrological signs. Share your knowledge to perhaps guide the others through their earthly experiences.

Not only are you the sign of the fish swimming in two opposite directions and yet tied together, the additional push and pull of the Gemini energy this month can create some illusions. You are a drop in the sea and yet you feel its entirety. There is a place of truth, have faith it will be revealed.