July 2023 Astrology

July is a month of true love, friends, fun, success and wealth. The month begins with the Sun travelling in the sky with Mercury (communication) and Juno (devotion), in the sign of Cancer. Nourishing, loving and devoted communication is the major theme of this transit so expect some heartfelt conversations. Mars (drive), Venus (love), Pallas (wisdom) and Lilith (shadow-self) are also travelling together in the sky, in the sign of Leo making it a month full of love, romance and happiness.

Major planets are retrograde this month so it’s also a month where internal dialogue takes place, and a month where many aspects of the past are revisited. The past, as far back as 2008, is bound to come up if there are any loose ties. Themes from COVID-lock down will also be up for revisitation so pay attention!

July 3 marks the full moon at 11° Capricorn, occurring at 6am in Fernie. There will be some internal emotional intensity with this moon as Pholus, the asteroid that intensifies the energy it comes into contact with sits in conjunction. A theme of beauty, elegance and aristocracy is related to the moon at this degree, alongside a major theme of devoted and loving communication of these emotions.

July 17 brings the new moon at 24° Cancer -exact alignment at 11am in Fernie. This moon is bound to be emotional as Cancer is the most emotional sign of the zodiac. The theme of this is interdependence and our actual truthful need for each other. Many planets at this time are in Leo so expect a joyous time of love, romance and fun.

July 23 is a major shift in energy as the Sun enters Leo (happy, jovial, grandiose, heartfelt) while at the same time Venus and Chiron turn retrograde- it seems like we’ll look back into something that occurred in May and June.

A nourishing month full of love and fun for you. A good time to spend outside in festive places, with good friends and heart-felt communication. 

Perhaps the most uplifting month of the whole year - use it to socialize and tell all your loved ones how appreciated they are. Enjoy!

The zodiac’s social butterfly should be full of abundant healthy energy this month. Exploring new festivals and shindigs revive your spirit. A month to make many new friends.

A positive month for you in your love life. A revival of spirits and a time of joy. Venus, your ruling planet, turns retrograde to bring up themes of May and June to revisit and revise.

July and August are your months to shine and with all the Leo energy happening over this summer, it’s bound to be full of fun. Work takes the backseat until September and that’s okay.

Let loose and relax because the zodiac is aligned to make sure you are surrounded by people you love, and in celebration. A good time to just have fun, that’s literally the theme of this month.

A month of many outings and great conversations. Exploring relationships of all kinds occurs this month. You’ll get your alone time in September. In the meantime, enjoy your company.

A nourishing month that revitalizes your spirit. Friendships and love-ships of all kinds strengthen this month and a major realization of how many amazing people are in your life occurs. Gratitude.

Joy and heartfelt conversations of all kinds occur. New and old friends come around. A good month to explore and say “yes” to offers of outings and festivities. Play.

Many new opportunities and potential occur this month. Simply by you leaving your home, you will meet the important people to take you to the places you have dreamed of.

It’s an optimistic time as exciting new beginnings are happening for you. It’s an opportunity for reflection, restructuring and reassessment. 

Your talents, gifts, relationships, values and finances are about to take centre stage as you reflect on where you are in your life and where you want to be. Make the necessary moves.