July 2020 Astrology

Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, and Pallas continue to travel together in the sky, in retrograde motion, through the late degrees of Capricorn, until October. The Full Moon and Lunar eclipse of July 4 also happens in conjunction to this energy, with Jupiter and Pluto sitting at the exact same degree in the sky. This is an intense time! I will refer to it as “The Big Five” as each person will feel this energy a little bit differently. This is the third eclipse this month and eclipse energy propels for about six months. Mercury is also retrograde in the sky, travelling close to the sun in Cancer until July 12. Venus is now rising as the morning star.

Several major alignments happen (again) this month which is so huge that it’s nearly impossible to write about/predict. The big energy planets: Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are causing this time on earth. On July 13/14 the Sun opposes Jupiter, July 15 the Sun opposes Pluto and July 20, the Sun opposes Saturn with a new moon (so the moon is also opposite Saturn).

There is a massive portal with cleansing and purification. Virtue is very important, as well as faith.

Individual character is your theme! Polarity between home life and career is intensified for you and many aspects of work and the career will be revisited with a wide range of potentials, including completion. What matters is that you express yourself to the outside world the way you believe yourself to be.

The first two weeks of the month are best spent in a meditative place as lots of wisdom will be available to you, which is then best communicated to others. Pay attention to your dreams. You can even ask your subconscious questions you wish to know.

The first three weeks are polarized into two of your heavier zodiac houses: security which means home, and income and “The Big Five” sit in the arena of deep transformation. This is a clearing and purification time for you. Cord-cutting and energetic cleansing is recommended.

Happy birthday Cancer. Your biggest focus is on yourself, with the polarization of “The Big Five” occurring in your house of partnership. It’s you vs the other with your sense of self based on this interaction this month. It has a capacity to be many things: happy and expansive and also dark and restrictive. There is a sense of completion.

This is an inward time for you with your physical health a top priority. Routine is important. Are you feeling aligned in how you use your time? Your job/career might change. You have an internal push for extra education and wisdom and will feel more like your sunshine-self after July 22. Happy birthday.

Focus on groups of people/friends and the community, balanced with energy toward your partnership. It will be an inward and meditative time for you towards the end of the month. “The Big Five” for you occurs in your arena of fun and creativity, expression of self, romance and children.

Communication at your job/career is a focus however miscommunication can occur when Mercury is retrograde so this is important to note. The third week of July is best to communicate clearly and by the last week, there will be more focus on groups of friends and the community. Lots of energy is in your home sphere, where “The Big Five” sit.

A lot of physical fitness and a good health routine is recommended this month. “The Big Five” occur in your House Three of Communication so there is a lot of energy around how you communicate, your words are powerful. Good supportive energy occurs in your job/career towards the end of the month.

The Big Five” energy sits with your finances and security, which is typically the home, bank account, and investments. The next six months are a good time to make the moves you need to with regards to these places. Creativity is a good outlet for you this month.

The planet energy is really on your sense of self and your truth: any part of you that is not truly “you” is being peeled away over the next six months and it may feel very vulnerable. Your partnership and your home are the best places to spend your energy.

A theme of routine, with a focus on communication is where the planets sit for you. Your deep subconscious is communicating strongly which often is in the dream world. You are highly intuitive at this time.

Your group of friends or community might be changing at this time and your energy is spent wisely focused on building your own security while also having fun and being creative. Work and routine will become important in your life towards the end of the month.