July 2019 Astrology

July is a month of incredible potential and as potential energy builds to transform into forward momentum, this transformation has been building for a long time.

This month begins with a partial solar eclipse at the new moon (July 2) and then a partial lunar eclipse on the full moon (July 16) creating a theme of opportunity. We continue along this great transition of the divine dance, the interplay of the feminine and masculine: matriarchy vs. patriarchy, home vs. work, mother vs father, nurturing vs. toughening, fluidity vs. solidarity, emotional vs. mental…

The stars align to bring us ‘home’ and change takes place for higher order.

There is a major theme around reconciliation of sexual energy so it seems that the biggest theme is around partnership and divine connection. Listening deeply to our inner voice, heart and guiding compass can be difficult however if we keep aiming for truth and weaving our honest story, coming more and more into our authentic selves, one thing is certain: truth provokes a confrontation with truth. That which is concealed will be revealed and as the end of the month nears, the planetary Leo-party brings brilliant esoteric light.

You show up in your entirety. While each Aries is slightly differentone thing is the same: when you do something, it’s with your entire being. Change is always transitional and know the past comes up either as guidance or hinderance. You know the way.

Eclipse season changes us dramatically and although it might have been foreseen, in actuality the real change happens at one very specific point in time so all you must do is ‘go through.’ Hindsight brings the wisdom in the mean time: trust.

Opportunity to create a new life is strong this month however you must decide what that is, feel it to its entirety, believe in it and then let go. Do not let yourself think of what you do not wish for. Manifestation occurs in alignment and solidarity. Do not give the universe two different messages.

Happy birthday to you! This month is huge for you and ascension is for certain. Try to see beyond, to recognise the patterns and hear the messages and blessings for guidance. The Crab does not like change but believe in the alchemical transformation of this month, go with it and let negativity wash away.

Wild winds blow you along your path. There is an ancientness at play here - a past is here to guide you. Mars is in your ruling sign all month giving you extra power to move with these times. Trust your heart and a happy birthday to some of you.

Practicality will guide and anxiety hinder you this month. Choose to walk the path that feels good and anxiety, nervousness or tiredness tells you that it is the wrong path. Listen to your inner child and take care of yourself. The oldest teaching of being a healer or a helper: you must take care of yourself first.

There is a theme of fate this month and a deeply spiritual momentum as the guide. Make a choice to not balance with everyone, choose to let only those who feel of a higher frequency come within your orbit.Do not connect with the denser and darker karmic connections.

Transformation is your magic. Ascension, light realms and the dream state are strong this month and you have the most power of the Zodiac to reach the greatest heights. Use your faith, inner guidance and intuitive sight to climb the invisible stairs leading to higher realities.

Archer of Truth! Divine love is what you search for and yet it resides deep within you. It is sacred knowledge that there is a tune within your heart, a way that your heart strings sing a song. Tune in there, do not look without and then watch what happens as the outer reality transforms to match your inner frequency of divine and holy love.

The momentum up the mountain to the higher planes of existence along with the movement from the past does not have to be as tedious as you know it to be. The laws of energetics can actually happen in a split second once you master that level of spirituality. Attune this month!

Thank God for our soul contracts: these people we can barely know yet feel immediate closeness and comfort, the ones that direct us when we can’t spiritually see, somewhat similar to the missing piece of the puzzle or the seeing-eyes to the blind spot in the retina. Be wise enough to know when to let another lead.

You hold all the teachings and knowledge innately so it always feels silly to write your astrology. At times you might have forgotten though, or felt lost or far away…from God, the Creator, Spirit. You are never and this month will show you that. Blessings come to those whom always stayed true to their heart.