January 2023 Astrology

Happy New Year and may you all have a blessed 2023! By the third week of this month, all planets and asteroids will be in direct motion, rare these last few years putting 2023 to a great start of forward motion. By the hermetic law of “as above, so below” it should be mirrored in our daily life.

January begins with the sun travelling in conjunct Pholus, the asteroid that “blows up” energy it is in relation to, resulting in Capricorn being pronounced the first two weeks of the month. Capricorn energy is all about responsibility, tradition, work and doing a complete job. Mercury continues its retrograde until January 18, also in Capricorn, and moving in the sky with Venus and Pluto meaning there is deep and intense communication with our loved ones this month. For the first half of the month, Saturn continues to remain conjunct to Valentine, the asteroid of true love, and then moves into a conjunction with Venus. I suspect this will be a time for the Lovers of the Zodiac to communicate and some karma with true love might be hashed out. The Sun also travels in close conjunction to Pluto by the end of the month, and with Venus also in the sign of Aquarius, the major theme is communication of knowledge.

Full Moon: January 6 at Cancer 16°New Moon: January 21
Mars direct in Gemini: January 12 Mercury direct in Capricorn: January 18
Uranus direct in Taurus (still tightly conjunct the North Node): January 22
The sun moves into Aquarius this year on January 22.

Both Jupiter and Chiron travel in your sign, with Chiron now being direct after many months retrograde. It’s both a time of expansion and healing. The folklore of astrology states that the light comes through the wound (Chiron) so learning to show up in your authenticity is very important. 

Uranus going direct in your sign may give you some surprising shifts. Lots should be shifting since the Scorpio-Taurus eclipse of October/November so allow these fluxes of change to pervade your life. Change is good!

Both what you do and what you say may be bipolar this month, and that’s because Mars is retrograde in your sign for half the month, and then direct for half the month and Mercury, your ruling planet is following this same pattern but in Capricorn. Careful communication in work environments is warranted.

A time to start afresh, which is always exciting. The Capricorn energy of the month balances your energy to direct your awareness more into the work environment from the home environment. Shifts occur by the end of the month.

The third week will be a huge shift in energy for you as the Sun, Saturn and Venus sit in Aquarius, your opposing energy. This can bring innovations, ideas and community connections as well as it being an important time to pay attention to your dreams.

A theme of fate as Uranus goes direct this month, and in tight conjunction to the North Node. Don’t be surprised if major shifts occur over the next few months. This is meant to align you to your highest calling.

A major month where everything seems to finally start flowing and aligning for you. It’s also a major time for communication in relationships. Shifts happen quickly at this time so it’s best to be flexible.

The Phoenix rises! It’s taken years to get here, you have officially resurrected from the ashes. Scorpios go through major forms of soul-death and transformation over and over in a lifetime. Enjoy the resurrection and the power that came by walking through the fire.

A month of good fortune where monetary investments can make a payback or a new investment comes up! With all the energy in Capricorn, it’s a month of diligent work. Invest wisely. 

Your guide to success for this year begins this month, keep your focus on what is important to you and do good work. The sun is shining in your sign, supporting you with extra energy. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the early Aquarians.  It’s a month of love for you as Venus travels through your sign. Saturn is also travelling in your sign, providing a grounded and structured feeling to these times. It might even be a month to propose to your  special person as Saturn also rules dedication in love.

It’s a new year and this feels refreshing especially as the planets all turn direct. The energy that manifests from this is forward motion, clarity, excitement and plans for the future. Additionally, you might find that what you have been working towards comes into fruition over the next few months.