January 2022 Astrology

There was a huge energetic shift that occurred in 2021 and finally, the energy of this month is re-aligned. What a beautiful way to begin a new year and may it continue throughout 2022. It’s been a tough few years for everyone, going through a collective healing on Earth.

Big themes this month include Joy, Peace, Harmony, Inspiration, and Divine Love. Venus is retrograde in Capricorn (12/19-01/29) and travelling in the sky closely conjunct to the Sun, Pluto, Valentine, Juno, Vesta and Pholus… basically an explosion of love and it’s intense and brilliant at the same time! 

There is a massive increase in conscious energy as well. The other major themes are intense responsibility around love and communication. Communication with loved ones is pertinent at this time, which has been a major theme for months. Following your heart’s truth is required.

Mercury goes retrograde (01/14-02/03) travelling in Aquarius so pay attention for downloads of knowledge/insights/knowing during this time. Miscommunication can easily occur when Mercury is retrograde. Also, Venus retrograde brings people from the past back into contact if there is any lingering karma to work through.

It’s time to rise above the old and lift off into this high frequency. High frequency can feel alarming. Trust the process, you will not be let down.

Insights, inspirations, wisdom and motivations of all forms define your month. You may feel like you are even on Cloud 9 and that’s okay. Smile, laugh, exude gratitude.

Lots of wisdom can be downloaded this month, especially as Mercury, your ruling planet, goes retrograde. Cleanse away any karma from the past that is not for your highest good.

Spiritual guidance and abundance are palpable this month. There is a common healing ground occurring and the energy showering down on people is healing many forms of wounds. Soak it in.

Tradition and culture are major themes all month. Declarations, spiritual promises and a feeling of heart-bursting love is palpable, alongside a greatness of character. Creativity flows.

A maturity in spirituality, higher-knowledge and love occurs, with huge gifts of clarity and inspiration. Spend the time with your loved ones. align with these and then KEEP them by practicing this energy and never letting go of it.

The sacred phoenix has risen! It’s the time we have been waiting for and you especially sense just how sacred this time is. It’s the time of the prophecies. One can only witness and experience the magic, in awe. How lucky we are to be alive at this time on earth?

Truth is laid on earth. Alignment within self, as truth was always within and once we did the work to stand in it, it appears.

It’s a month for you to shine. The Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Venus, and many important asteroids travel in Capricorn and therefore support your energy in all of your endeavours. 

A theme of insight and communication occurs for you, alongside a grounding of your knowledge. The world needs to hear what you innately know. Write, speak and share.

A fortune teller once said: it’s divinely written - the sacred whirlwind of a great character. Some might even say the second coming of Christ, the blessings we have all been waiting for.

Lovebirds singing, prosperity, maturity beyond years, harmonious divine frequencies… these are all major themes for you to experience this month so