January 2021 Horoscopes

May we all welcome a blessed 2021 with a moment of intention or a good thought for the well-being of the whole for this upcoming year.

This month is the epitome of Capricorn-energy for the first half and Aquarian-energy for the second half. This is not solely because the Sun is travelling through Capricorn and into Aquarius, it is because we have two major stelliums: several planets travelling in Capricorn and then several planets travelling in Aquarius making the typical energies of Capricorn and Aquarius VERY palpable. This is a good time to be learning the language and energies of these placements in astrology. 

By mid-month, Uranus, the planet that rules Aquarius, will be direct and we will officially have all planets direct in the sky. YAY!! Furthermore, two of the “big ones”- Saturn and Jupiter, have finally moved out of their long transit through Capricorn (into Aquarius). The stand-still on earth should change quickly now. Venus travels through Capricorn for most of the month while Mars travels through Taurus. Mars conjuncts Uranus 01/20 which leads to heightened creativity, inspiration and electric energy: expect the unexpected.

The new moon occurs in Capricorn in the late evening of 01/12 and the Full moon occurs in Aquarius, just after noon, on 01/28. A very happy birthday to the January Capricorns and Aquarians.

Mars, your ruling planet finishes travelling through Aries at the beginning of this month so use this first week for your benefit. When Mars ingresses into Taurus 01/06 there will be less momentum for you. Taurus energy is earthly and the epitome of slow and stubborn.

Mars moves into your sign 01/06 giving your energy more fire as Mars is a fire-planet and the traditional ruler of Aries. Tasks, to do lists and even the realm of romance is lit up.

The eclipse portal that occurred 11/30/20 will still be affecting you over the next several months. Life is transformational at this time so choose the frequency you wish to reside in and match it to manifest it.

All of the Capricorn energy that has sat opposite in the sky to your energy is finally moving into Aquarius mid-month. This will be a palpable shift for you and will most likely feel more energetically “light” and less restrictive. What have you learned?

Your time to shine comes in the later 
half of this month when Aquarius energy takes over. Aquarius and Leo are similar in the way that they are both yang energy meaning youthful and full of momentum. Balance comes by connecting with the yin ways: meditative techniques of self-care and being.

January is always a good month for Virgos as both Capricorn and Aquarius are supportive energies to your own energy. Steady movement forward for you marks this time. Grounding techniques keep Aquarian energy from manifesting as anxiousness for you.

The first half and second half of the month will truly feel like two different worlds for you. We go from hard restriction to expression and community. Libra is all about balance so find ways to express yourself and utilize your creativity to maintain your energy as counter-balance.

Mars in Taurus opposes your energy this month grounding you in your slow trek forward. Creativity is a highlighted for you this month and expression in all forms creates some real movement for you: invest time into art, music, dance.

The eclipse portal of 12/21 is continuing to reveal its energy in your life. The planets are set up to support you to excel and reach the highest state of frequency you put your energy into. Dream big: imagine your life as you want it to be.

This last year and this month are possibly the most prominent times in your life, however that manifests for you. It has been a lot of growth. Pre-2020 and post-2020 will be exceptionally obvious for you.

A wonderful month to manifest the whirlwind of whatever your creative mind wishes. Possibly the best time of 2021 for your energy with steady and grounded momentum. A very happy birthday.

A huge shift has occurred for you internally and will unravel throughout 2021. It can be difficult to follow the heart into the unseen arenas of non-guarantee however the heart is the highest form of guidance. Trust yourself.