January 2020 Astrology

There is a special energy that happens at the change of the year, every year, providing a blank slate and a fresh optimistic start. There is no doubt in my mind that this is why the Gregorian Calendar marks this time of year as the ‘new year.’ Each year is a bit different in its potential and in Chinese Astrology, 2020 brings the year of the Metal Rat- a VERY powerful year ahead, in fact, one of the most powerful years we have seen for some time. It is the rat that wins the race in Chinese astrology. This is the year to get things done and will be nothing like the last five years of retrograde planets and slow movement. One of the biggest days of the entire year occurs on January 12 where we have the big “Saturn-Pluto Conjunction” which astrologers have been talking about for the past decade as this conjunction in Capricorn has not happened since 1284. It is a time of major shifts for humanity.

An eclipse happened over the Christmas Full moon and another eclipse happens on the January 10 New Moon that will create life-shifting moments which will take about six months to manifest fully.

This is a very auspicious time, blessed and aligned for goodness on this Earth and achievement and manifestations of goals and dreams. A strong force is being provided for the greater good and on an individual level, this is particularly manifesting in relationships and the work environment. The theme of this month is The Exaltation of Destiny. The planets are aligning the soul path of individuals. Now is the time to follow your heart and soul, you will get much farther in life than suppressing it for a definition that you think is more acceptable to society at large, or your closest friends and family.

Accomplishment and Attainment - your pioneering ways create momentum for yourself. The only place you could potentially fail is not shooting high enough. If you have wanted something, now is the time to go for it.

Initiation -Allow yourself to move with the momentum and powers of change or you will miss the boat if you are too stubborn. Jump over the crevice and you will see with time that it was just a large crack.

Manifestation -You saw this time coming long ago. You knew, and yet the patience required to get here has been existential. All potential energy is mobilized and your visions and dreams manifest. Do not let a shred of doubt enter your mind, stay strong with your truth and do not let your self think of the opposite!

Vulnerability - You must walk on new grounds this month and year and you will feel exposed and tested. We all must go through these periods of growth. Remember that when you want to retreat into your shell, you must do the opposite. If any of you work from home, I suggest renting an office space for some real productivity.

Surrender - Trust the divine at this time and do not let your pride and arrogance get the best of you. You are being led another way and it is for your highest good. Your inherent charm will allow you to negotiate a hard bargain with the best of form.

Creation - expand yourself. Pick up an instrument or a paintbrush, write poetry for the one you love, cook, learn a new language. You might be surprised how this time changes the path you walk along.

Nurturance - The energy this month is quick-paced and all about time, money and achievement of targeted goals at work and in your relationship with others. Make your health a top priority as rest can be the best way to achievement. Energy is what is needed for momentum, remember that.

Establishment - It is time that you take all your power and invest it in your profession. Your recognition within the community is popularized this year and your potential to manifest the dreams and goals you have had in your mind’s eye are very intense. It is time to make your moves.

Attain - A good month for you to get your physical self into good health. You will have high motivation in nearly all parts of your life this month and year and getting your body healthy is a good place to start the list, which I can tell you will actually get accomplished this year!

Prosperity - This is your year. Your strength is full power and the planets are aligned as your greatest allies. There is such a place in energetics as The Tao, you will certainly experience this ease of momentum after years of perseverance. Happy birthday!

Autonomy - Circumstances align and you will simply have to listen to your inner intuitive voice above all. A change in priorities and direction is probability and your reasoning mind is best stilled during this transition. Meditate instead. Happy birthday to the “early decan” Aquarians.

Independence - Your confidence in yourself is at an all-time high and will continue this entire year as there is a certain clarity about you that is not as typical with your Neptunian influence. The flow of inspiration along with your ingenuity allows for the full manifestation of your heart’s desire. Blessings.

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