January 2019 Astrology

Change and Opportunity mark the major themes after three years of legitimate stagnated energy. Mars, the planet that rules drive and motivation moves into the very beginning of Aries as the month begins. Things will be done with a quick, large, impulsive, and pioneering energy.

This month also contains a partial solar eclipse and a total lunar eclipse which also occurs over the full moon. Eclipse energy propels a domino effect helping move your life over the next sixth months and truly, throughout the year. January 2019 is TRULY a new year.

The first week has five major planets sitting in Capricorn with the particle Solar Eclipse. The energy will feel serious and conservative. Capricorn deals with integrity, reservations, traditions, discipline, reliability and obligations. It is an excellent time for business.

The Sun moves from Capricorn to Aquarius on January 21 where we also have a full moon and a total lunar eclipse. It can be seen just after the moon rises close to 8pm, it will appear red in the sky. Expect the unexpected! There is a certain level of enthusiasm, uncertainty and opportunity. Adaptability and open-mindedness are recommended. Leo energy is characterized by generosity, confidence, exuberance and radiance. Pay attention to your thoughts and communications. It will be interesting, perhaps even illuminating.

You are bold and ready for action. Your energy will be extra fired up to get things done, you will also be extra impatient. Initiation is your forte, you are the pioneer of the Zodiac and work matters, business ideas and projects are greatly enhanced. Go for it.

Change and uncertainty mark the beginning of 2019 for you and this will feel uncomfortable. You are a slow and steady sign, not quick to change and dislike feeling change or anything for that matter, too quickly. Anxiety may be felt. Adaptability is the mark of life- the only thing that is certain is change. Breathe.

A month of harmony and contentment. Your personal relationships are thriving, you can see both sides of the story and work and diligent direction are prominent. Some anxiety could be felt near the full moon as the Total Lunar Eclipse aspects your ruling sign, Mercury. Be careful with your words around this time.

All of the Capricorn energy for the first three weeks of this month helps balance your sensitive emotional nature! You might find you get a lot done this month as not so much energy is wasted for you emotionally. You are sensitive and change with the moon so it’s nice to have this stability. The initiative you take this month will set you on a great wave, sail it!

Work is at the forefront and you feel grounded, stable and reliable, and it’s seen by everyone. This is another great month, you have had a few! The full moon and Total Lunar Eclipse help illuminate your feelings on your major relationship. A new relationship might occur or the present oneis re-energized. New opportunities arrive and the uncertainty may be hard but who knows? You are brave, follow your heart.

The first three weeks feel steady and you feel extra supported. Your diligence, perfection and organization set the standard that people see and appreciate. What you do with your career or a career project sets the sail for the year. It is likely you feel anxious around the full moon, perhaps hyperactive and could become disorganized. Take time for yourself, get some exercise, meditate and breathe.

An inner balance, contentment and harmony are felt for you all month. You feel strong enough to take some active momentum towards your wants and dreams. This is good for you, you so often are influenced by making sure everything is fair or in balance which hinders you. New opportunities and change are created.

This month begins with the Moon and Venus sitting in Scorpio until Jan 3 and 4 so the month begins with you feeling in your element. The New Year marks a gateway to the unexpected. Capricorn energy keeps you strong and sturdy as you walk between these worlds of existence and the Leo full moon keeps you on the brighter side of it all. It will be an incredible year for you, a spiritual sea has been crossed.

Did you know there is a story about a volcano Goddess who laughs? And a solemness that can happen after any experience, good or bad? You are wise. This month you use your intelligence and wisdom for material gains and direction for the next year. Although the last week may feel chaotic, you will feel quite grounded with good direction otherwise.

Happy birthday Capricorn! Thank you for your integrity and reliability. Tradition and responsibility are more important than anyone gives credit for. You have profound introspection and although you might not want to admit it, you are truly sensitive. You are aligned this month, whatever your mission, go for it. The Full Moon brings you momentum and you deserve it.

Happy birthday to some of you early Aquarians. The life path of an Aquarian is largely misunderstood. Teachers appear when the student is ready.You often you carry knowledge feeling that nobody cares or has the ability to comprehend. You are alright with independence however it can be frustrating. The full moon brings change, it will be a fascinating year!

Stability and grounded energies feel really good this month. A protection and reliability that you don’t often sense as you are so busy feeling all too much, like the mystic you are. This month helps you find your way and the Leo moon gives a liberation of very welcomed change. Abundance and joy come with it! Blessings!