Jamie Inman

My journey with photography began with the kindness of many generous people. People who gave me their support, knowledge, trust and even my first camera. 

Growing up in Fernie, a community rich in arts with so many brilliant photographers and artists definitely fueled my passion for creative expression. The lovely and talented Ms. Stead introduced me to photography and I soon became infatuated. That Christmas my dad gifted me a beautiful pre-owned Canon ae-1 with a bunch of lenses and that’s when my passion for the medium really progressed.

Not long after, we set up the old dark room in the old high school that would eventually lead me to starting a lunch hour “photo club” which consisted of me and my two best friends eating lunch under the red safe light and developing whatever film we could afford to buy with our after school jobs. 

After high school I pursued snowboarding and somehow, in that magical way of life I continued to get pulled back into photography and studying photojournalism at SAIT. Later I completed a diploma in professional photography at Western Academy of Photography in Victoria, BC.   

I moved to Nelson and quickly got a serving job, ready to begin my photography career… but without the confidence needed to take the first step. Cue fate, serendipity, the kindness of the Universe, whatever you want to call it... an old friend from Fernie, Mike Berrard was in town and we met up for a beer. He told me that Baldface Lodge was looking for a professional photographer who could snowboard.

“Ya, right.” said the little voice in the back of my mind. “I’m not good enough yet.” But like Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or cannot, you’re right.” Mike convinced me that I was perfect for the job and called the owner to put in a good word. I got the gig and it was an incredible start to my career. Combining my love for snowboarding and photography was a dream come true. In my first month they had me shooting photos of the Red Bull SuperNatural snowboard course from a helicopter... I wanted to pinch myself. 

After a few years in the West Kootenays I moved home and did a couple of seasons at Fernie Wilderness Adventures, fell in love with my husband and started a family together. After a short hiatus to have  our two beautiful babies, my focus from action sports photography transitioned to family and wedding photography. 

During the beginning of 2020 I had a new baby and COVID was making its first appearance. I had a lot of time on my hands and a yearning to revamp my photography business into a more family-oriented direction which now resonated more with my life. I educated myself with some online family photography and creative courses by some of the industry’s leading women and was so energized! With a new sense of inspiration and so much motivation I began working with a mentor/business coach to rebuild my business to suit my morphing focus, and it just felt so right. 

Combining my love for lifestyle and documentary photography to capture authentic moments between people is something that brings so much joy to my heart. The subtle kindness towards one another and just the magic of the organic moments that unfold in front of me is something that I feel very fortunate to witness and freeze in time forever for my clients.  

As far as the future goes, I will keep on the path of what I love doing and continue to grow, learn and blossom as much as possible. I am a firm believer that whatever you focus on expands, so I will stay focused on continuing to photograph the love and connection between my clients and keep growing my business to help support my little family with the kindness and support of everyone around me. 

Discover more about Jamie Inman at jamieinmanphoto.com, or follow her on social media, Instagram: @jamie_inman_ photo, Facebook: Jamie Inman Photo.