But I’m Great At Many Other Things

“The human word is the power that orders our chaos.” -Northrop Frye

When I first met Rachel Behan she was at ease, definitely shining, and moving through time and space on a wavelength that suited me perfectly. I came to learn (her accent, a melodic and effervescent Manchester dialect) that she worked as a nanny and simply adored living in Fernie. Perhaps it was the sparkle in her eye that connected us again, this time she was caring for my children and we were dreaming up a theatre performance camp called, Shine. The camp would facilitate our love to teach performance techniques in acting, singing, dance, and writing. To date we have taught hundreds of kids about the magical power of theatre and performance. When Rachel and her husband Riccy started a cover band, The Hip Flexers, I was so excited! Seeing their first few gigs was a blast. When Rachel asked if I would join the group a year ago I was honoured. We have the most fun performing, teaching, and parenting together.

I am forever thankful for this shining, sparkling, diamond of a human.

But I’m Great At Many Other Things
By Rachel Behan and Sadie Rosgen

But I’m great at many other things!

See me
See me
See me

Finding zero
Denying anxiety
How can I focus?
I’m an all over the place daydreamer
But I’m great at many other things!

My words have no meaning


Switching off
I like this pen


But I’m great at many other things!

This sounds peaceful
La la di dahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Planning the rest of my day ahead
La la di dahhhhhhhhhhhhh
A balanced life regenerating
La la di dahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Put me out out out
at many things...