As spring shines in, I have been awarded the great honour of Poet Laureate by the Fernie Academy for poetry month. I value this title beyond measure as I recognize that simply by doing what I love, I am accepted, I am recognized, and I am valued by my community. Never before have I felt more connected to the place where I live and thrive. As part of my tenure as poet laureate, I was tasked to write with all thirteengrade levels at TFA. A task that was curious and wonderful. I started with the graduating grade twelve class. As I collaborated with Dylan, Jakob, Tomaz, Alim, Dorothea, Mac, Nathan, Mack, Presley, Kieran, Emma, Malia, Aden, Ben, Nikolas, Chalize, and Alysha, I was reminded of how exciting and daunting it felt during that last year before my life began again. Together, we created a piece that puts the very question of home at the forefront of our creative imaginations. I am wishing you all the very best in your search for home…

As the fresh pow caresses the curves of the Lizard range,
I am in the mountains!

lives here
lives here
lives here

shooting stars late at night
by the firelight

children making families
family making

not one ignorant local?

Griz at the top,
see ya at the

strength in creativity,

learn to skate
find your escape


venture over the headwall