The Haiku

I am completely obsessed with elements of Japanese arts and culture. Naturally, that is what drew me to Haiku poetry for this issue.

Hai, what? Haiku poetry consists of three lines in total, the first and last lines consist of five syllables or moras if you are writing in Japanese, with the middle line consists of seven syllables. Doesn’t get much simpler than that!

As nine-year old Anna and I created our Haikus, we discovered how fun and easy this form can be, especially for young writers.

Anna was an absolute joy to collaborate with and our Haikus are a reflection of the fun and heartfelt experience we shared.

Haikus by Anna Schmidt                                      Haikus by Sadie Rosgen

           SOCKS                                                A DRESS THAT IS ONE COLOR

Soft and warm,                                                 Black, Blue, Red or Green,

All different shapes and colours,                  Shining like you’ve never seen,

They are fun to wear.                                     I eclipse the sun.


            LOVE                                                                      LOVE

Roses and kisses,                                            You can repeat it,

Sometimes love is hard to find,                  The force field protects you now

But worth every step.                                    Can you feel it here?


            SNOW                                                                        ANGER

Plain white and sparkles,                                Rage in all colours,

Falling in the night time sky,                           Make sure it never stays put,

Beautiful and shines.                                         I see you struggle.