Growing Joy

As the fall burns up the living things and winter comes upon us, my mind wanders to those new mothers out there and the delicious anticipation of a baby. I am so fortunate to have two babies of my own and as they approach double digits, I am reminded of the slow moments of connection between the old and the new. The coming together of a family welcoming their newest member. The sleepless nights that bring on the delirious delicious love that babies bring.

A magical time to say the least…

Growing Joy
By Sadie Rosgen

the night is wild outside
I am here
a gasp of breath
myself and you

I am born again
forged with love
the fresh
the unconcerned
every swimming piece

I am burning from the guiding light of endless night

you are here
writhing inside of me
proving that I will never be alone again
home again
gentle sound
throbbing movement
softening my ways
tearing up my every gaze
lost in every way from love
and you