Girls Just Want to Have Fun(damental) Human Rights

Thanks to the amazing Cindy Lauper we have a brand new appreciation for her remixed lyrics and more work to do. On average, women make 87 cents on the dollar compared to men in the exact same position in the workforce. GROSS! Where’s the love? In March we celebrate women at the Fernie Fix in a mega way, but I encourage you all to celebrate the female beauties in your life and yourself should you be fiercely female, too! 

I met Olive Park at the hockey rink, cheering on her brother all while creating these incredible comic strips. Being a lover of a great graphic novel and having spent countless hours reading about Archie and the gang, Garfield, TinTin’s adventures, and the untimely demise of Spy vs. Spy, I was very drawn to her sense of humour and her skill with this genre. Here’s a little bit about Olive and why she’s very much worth celebrating this women’s day.

Tell me about Samantha’s stories.
Samantha Stories are just like any fun short comic like Big Nate or Garfield that is just to make people laugh along with you. In grade 4 I started writing my comic about a funny teen, her siblings, Lu Lu age 4, and Jake age 1, and their parents. Ever since it’s been the comic I love to write.

What is your inspiration?
My Samantha Stories are based on a girl that is not the smartest tool in the kit but has some comic relief. Most of my ideas for comics come from regular things like you see above in the SUPER-GLUE comic, like some little kids have lip chap but not all of them have super-glue that looks like lip chap.

I am 11 years old and I’m in grade 6. I have been writing Samantha Stories since grade 4.

Apart from drawing and making comics I really like reading and playing sports. Some of my favourite sports are skiing, basketball, volleyball and soccer.