Freakin’ Streakin’

Knowing Mike Bull is a lot like arriving at an amusement park with an unlimited amount of ride tickets clenched tightly in your sweaty palm. It’s thrilling, wild, and full to the brim with unadulterated joy. I met Mike in a rehearsal hall as we prepared for a local theatre production together. Since then, almost every theatrical experience I’ve pursued in Fernie has been shared with Mike.

One of my favourite connections with Mike includes our passion for the theatre and general amusement. If Mike isn’t organizing fundraisers, he’s teaching children. If he isn’t hosting game shows in bars, he’s hosting comedy shows in them. He’s an actor, an uncle, a journalist, a teacher, a bagel maker, and one of the finest folks here in Fernie. Mike Bull and I had the silliest of times creating this next piece. Enjoy the ride and get outside!

Freakin’ Streakin’

By: Sadie Rosgen and Mike Bull


Nude Attitude


all of my parts include

a blue brood

Northern Exposure


frozen eyelashes

body temperature crashes

burn and shrink


I’d give everything I have but the kitchen sink!




Van Damme with a bite


it’s cold out heeeeeeere




a case of

feeling nipply

believe this, Ripley

it’s cold and I’m bold

chilling stories left untold


can’t feel my sneakers

have a peeker

at the