Forest Filter

“The ocean does not apologize for its depth and the mountains do not seek forgiveness for the space they take and so, neither shall I.” - Becca Lee

In a world riddled with worry and wonder, it is the greatest privilege to escape into the wild unknown for regeneration and reflection. But what happens when this lush haven of perpetual seeming landscape begins to vanish? Can protection or reclamation save our safe and bountiful sacred spaces? Environmental concerns are very real as we see the tragic effects of humankind on the planet Earth.

This month I went to the forest to find clarity, to wander, to write, to wish, to reconcile the chaos of my being. I learn so much about who I am in the woods, thankful that the trees are eager to teach me, that the flora and fauna are poised for revelation. I seek the mountains and trees to heal, to feel alive.

at the portal of the forest
I close my eyes, my weight shifts
feeding my lungs with cedar scents, of pine emptying my expectations

luxuriant forest floor
paper birch waving me through lush samples of decaying wilderness
indulging the benefits of spring

my legs push on
forcing the sweat that frees me
the radiant power of the rock
a well of energy inside my being
the peak

my destination is wrought with emotion
salty tears soar from my smiling cheeks ephemeral ambition has led me here
relaxed in the majesty