Finding Summer

Wow, readers! Thank you for your participation in my poetic scavenger hunt in July’s Fix issue. As promised, I am publishing the piece that struck me the most out of the clues found. I am elated to know that you had fun and learned about some new words for your vocabulary. I had many fantastic entries and somehow was able to choose just one. I appreciated getting an email from Danika Jensen, a Danish tourist staying in Fernie for the summer. She was quick to explain how excited she was to find the magazine and was quick to take on the scavenger hunt and learn a few new English words. Here’s the poem she created with the clues she found:

Finding Summer
Clues by Sadie Rosgen, Poem by Danika Jensen


The air is energetic and youthful here.

Twin riddle we talk,
Twins walk as I solve the riddle…

Versatile is the movement around me, Characters I see here.
Mercurial beings moving freely.

I love clever things!