February 2021 Astrology

February Planetary Overview

Sun currently in Aquarius and ingresses into Pisces February 18
New Moon: February 11 -23 degree Aquarius
Full Moon: February 27-8 degree Virgo
Mercury Retrograde January 30-February 20 in Aquarius
Venus in Aquarius and ingresses in Pisces February 25
Mars continues to travel through Taurus
Saturn and Jupiter still in tight conjunction (can still see this in the night sky) in Aquarius
Pluto travels through the last degrees of Capricorn
February 17: First Saturn square Uranus -the major theme of 2021
2020 had a theme of Capricorn energy, 2021 has a theme of Aquarius energy and it’s definitely the dawning of Aquarius. 2020 was Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto (The Big 3) travelling in tight conjunction (in Capricorn), moving to travelling Aquarius with three points in the year where Saturn (in Aquarius) squares Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) in 2021. These outer planets very much affect activity on Earth.

Thoughts are manifesting at the speed of lightening and the energy you put out matters. This is the time for humanity. It is all about group dynamics and no longer about the individualistic ways of being and thinking. Saturn and Jupiter continue to move together in the sky, with Pluto not far behind. Three major Saturn-Uranus squares occur this year: 02/17, 06/14, 12/24. It will be fascinating to see how it unravels on Earth.

I will continue to speak of the Saturn square Uranus theme this year. Pay attention to what occurs 02/17.

Chiron, the energy of the wounded healer travels through your sign this month and with Mars travelling in Taurus there is no point rushing. Slow, steady, organized and unconventional is the theme.

Mars travels in the sky with Uranus and Black Moon Lilith (BML) all month and you might sense this current in your energy. Uranus is the traditional ruler of Aquarius and an electric energy, speeding up what it touches. BML is the shadow side of the divine feminine. 

The north node of the moon is travelling through Gemini. What has happened in your life since the eclipses of November and December 2020? Change will still occur quickly for the next several months. Manifesting ability is high at this time.

It’s been an intense time for you and this continues in 2021. Security is very important for the well-being of Cancer and Taurus signs. The Crab, your ruling symbol, has learned to carry its home on its back so that he/she feels home, and secure, at all times.

Aquarius is your polar opposite on the zodiac, therefore this time can both be balancing and quite disruptive for you. Trusting this energy and going with the flow is the best way forward.

You can use this time of air (mental) energy to progress in a special way such as writing a book or documenting how to do something. Do not allow it to create anxiety, instead utilize it to spread your knowledge for the betterment of a group, community or society. 

Spend time this month grounding and being with your emotions to create balance. Meditative activities and routine are helpful to stay centred. Stillness is a practice. Maintaining it is a greater practice. 

You’re behind the scenes and watching the unraveling. Trusting the path and staying in the highest spheres of love and peace allows your frequencies of energy help this time on earth. You are a great pillar.

What and how you feel at this time is everything. Making room for fun, happy-times and peace are some of the most important moves you can make right now. Follow the energy of what feels good, every moment.

This will continue to be a fascinating year and time of growth and learning. Saturn, your ruling planet, squaring Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) occurs February, June and December. This forms a pattern for you.

It’s your time to shine Aquarians! The energy of this year is very supportive of your path although you strongly feel the three Saturn squares to Uranus: 02/17, 06/14, 12/24 (most likely as restrictive). Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the first decan Pisceans. The last week of the month brings a breath of ethereal energy, allowing you to take a very important breath in. On the breath out, manifest the truth of your heart with the great image in your mind’s eye and blow it over the Earth.