February 2020 Astrology

In this holographic Universe, some may recognize the old adage that our reality is mimicked back to us based upon the energy we exude. In this enlightened state, man has the ability to co-create his reality through self-mastery. Transcendental experience is something we are never without, however one must recognize themselves first to do great work.

This month begins with an optimistic attitude backed by the ability to know what one must do to transform and mobilize the inner self to create mirrored-reality. Self-expression must shine for this power to expand reality. This employment of inner strength to exalt truth, values, vision, and true character, shows how man has an inviolable tie with the creative power of the universe.

The Full “Snow Moon” comes at 12:34 am on February 9 bringing with it the conviction of spiritual power and an inner and absolute recognition of self’s illimitable resources. February 23 brings a new moon that starts to manifest the outer social results of your inner work.

Venus is in Aries all month creating strength for the pioneering of this path. Mars travelling through Capricorn (alongside the Capricorn Stellium consisting of Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Pallas and Pholus) giving the energy to bring Heaven down to Earth which is full manifestation. Mercury goes retrograde from February 17 - March 10, mostly in the sign of Pisces, bringing many ‘ah ha’ moments and perhaps some fun trickster energy.

An abundance of your true potentials lays before you, all you must do is make sure your energy matches this energy. The wisdom of knowing when to surrender and when to use will is a fine line.

Kriya Yoga is the practice of simply paying attention only to the breath: Breathe in. Pause. Breathe out. Pause. Peace is found in the pauses and through the practice of the sensation of peace, one can learn to exude peace and hold this state to benefit all.

It is possible to exist in two spaces at once, two states of consciousness. To stay at the threshold of relative reality and supreme reality is called ‘Bhavamukha’ and is an important place to be.

It is a very intuitive month for you with pioneering new territory and a total dedication to forward momentum. Stay with your inspired self and watch idealities manifest.

A month of exaltation. Mercury is retrograde so deciphering messages requires simply listening to your heart: in remaining dedicated to your self-interest, you do your part in serving the universal self-interest.

Love is strong this month, for all, and especially you. Confidence exudes from you, as does the warm glow that comes from being tied with the light. Following the eight limbs of yoga, help make this light shine ever bright.

The daily practice of gratitude, love and humility will go far this month for everyone. Your perfection tendencies are a divine requirement of mastery: the discipline of the mind (thoughts and speech), senses, body and especially the diet,

The movement beyond the lower realm emotions is your power once you harness it, and it’s the emotions above this where you exalt - higher forms of love, bliss, peace, gratitude, the state of abundance. Your greatest and most ultimate power, which is not so simple to manifest but can be practiced and attained, is the ability to exude the highest state of love, which is the most exalted state of love, Prema.

You are as lucky as Scorpio, with the potential to be as powerful if you strengthen your ability to simply practice and stay put in the yogic place of exuding the higher states of emotions as written above. What you are spiritually searching for is this state of Prema, it is the ultimate form of love.

Two awards for the Brave: you and the other, which is ultimately also you. Exaltation for you can mean a surrendering of your strength to come to the place of communion with the tender heart. Would you rather be in love or would you rather be (what you think is) right? Your own walls are exactly that: your own walls. Transformation is a change of the state of the mind.

Your ability to perceive yourself in another already creates a form of unified reality, however, it must be further brought to practice so that your innate airy detachment can become a feeling of a cozy love cocoon with all that surrounds you. It’s a simple transition of state: from mental energy to the expression and communication exuded by feeling generated from the heart. Birthday blessings!

You are the transcendental realm! The way(s) you manifest on Earth are many. Choose that which resonates with the highest truth for you, which will be palpable. Happy birthday!