February 2019 Astrology

All planets are in forward motion in the sky and thus the grand theme is direct motion. This is the first time in three years that this level of power has come to get things done and the energy is determined, competent, responsible and goal-orientated.

The New Moon occurs on February 4 at 2 pm MST and the sun, moon and mercury all align exactly at 15 degrees of Aquarius. This is rare and the energy of this moment is all about propagation of the inner light and how as individuals we play a sacred role and integrated part of the world that surrounds us. The energy is a feeling of absolute exaltation providing a willingness to express one’s inner riches.

Venus, Saturn and Pluto are travelling together in the sky (in Capricorn) for most of the month which puts huge weight into the area of your chart where this transit is moving over. Personalized readings are advisable as this is a powerful transit and can not simply be placed into a generalized horoscope. Saturn and Pluto have the most weight in the Zodiac and the energy of Capricorn is reserved, strict and karmic.

The month of love will feel sturdy and safe which is a lovely type of romance. The general energy becomes intuitive by mid-month and communication is heightened and quite mystical as mercury moves into Pisces. As the sun also moves into Pisces and the moon becomes full on the morning of February 19 there is a theme of Divine-Mystic interplay. This is the third month straight where the Sun and the moon oppose (making for a full moon) exactly as the sun shifts into the next sign, which is extremely rare. We are still going through the spiritual tunnel astrologically and it will be very beautiful to see what comes of all this.

You are a young and pioneering energy that ‘does’ and thinks (maybe) after. Expect a month of some strong lessons. Your budget and work will be good however your health is ignored. Take care.

2019 offers you big life changes. You are used to going slowly so it will be different for you to watch it transform so quickly. Your career is going great and you might find yourself feeling rebellious for your nature.

You feel innovative and expansive this month and you flirt with a great love story. Do not make any radical decisions and follow the place that feels good, not the place that creates chaos.

The first week of the month might feel quick and exhausting for you however the water vibes that come through as the month progresses feel good. The Capricorn trine in the sky helps balance and direct you.

Household problems may affect your work environment this month and yet this month still brings material gain. Thinking of investing in real estate is a good idea. Your energy may be low so rest and maintain extra hydration and good nutrition. Stay positive.

A special month where you connect to heightened realms. A month of learning some spiritual truths and a feeling of the mystical, not the mundane that you are often so attracted to. Try to feel and not analyze.

Reflections and intuitions of the future are prominent this month and there are lots of changes occurring which might feel uncomfortable. Let yourself go with the path of least resistance. Trust in source energy to guide you to the right places.

2019 is epically abundant for you. It’s like the road is paved and you must simply walk it. You are very attractive to people and people want to be around you and know you. Financial deals are promising.

Patience! Just be patient in and with everything! Follow this advice for all of your month and with everything you encounter.

Focus on your love relationship, family and relationships. Your career is going well and does not need your attention whereas these places do. Compromise is a good route to success.

Happy Birthday you innovative geniuses! Creating a vision board and setting goals is the best place for your energy this month. Turn to your relatives for valuable advice to establish your values again, they probably changed lately.

Happy Birthday sweet mystics! This month is a month where you can appear to walk this earth and keep your divine connections. You are the teachers of the divine, speak your sacred knowledge.