Family On the Planet, Planetary Scenario

Family On the Planet, Planetary Scenario
by SADIE ROSGEN Featuring Creative Minds Preschool

As the late Whitney Houston sang, I believe the children are our future. 

So how do you write a poem with 16 four and five-year-olds who are learning how to read and write? Easy. They have a lot to say. Their arms shoot up in excitement as they tell you everything about their incredible lives with a few sage words about how we all ought to do better. 

This month I collaborated with my son, Cy and his class at Creative Minds Preschool. The children met our green theme with gusto as only children can, and let me tell you, the future is bright.

Family On The Planet
By Alex, Aila, Audrey, Cy, Dawson, Declan, Evie, Grayden, Harrison, Kyra, Laszlo, Maisie, Nova, Rachel, Scarlett, and last but not least, Thomas. 

from outer space we land on the planet 
we see 
pears and rainbows
cowboys on horses 
panda bears dancing and a bunch of bugs
but people are cutting down trees 
and throwing garbage on the road
the animals are sad and mad
we cannot smell the flowers
we can only smell the yucky
we have to clean up
but who’s in charge?
we need 
giant shovels 
a vacuum 
a huge garbage truck
we want to feel safe when we’re
sleeping in the dark
be gentle with fragile things

planetary scenario
by Sadie Rosgen

this place we’ve inherited
it isn’t ours for keeps
or forever
eternity will elude us
as it should
is the earth in misery on her spinning axis?can she keep moving with all of her scratches?she is not something we own
oh! that bemoaning sense of ownership!stuck in a movie scene time machine
the planet in which we love and get sad on is in a terrible mess and there’s the stress what will cease to matter is our idle chatter
ourselves, our very selves!
when the old girl kicks us off
she’ll heal all day
or so we say
to calm ourselves
to feel okay