“I’m just a soul whose intentions are good. Oh, Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood.”

-The Animals

In Fernie you can find expats from Chicago, Mexico City, Moscow, and Sydney, just to name a few, charmed travellers who adorn the red and white as their home country of choice. This transition has always sparked curiosity in me. My lovely and fearless friend, Ev Eijsermans, a Canadian now, is living her best life in Fernie. Perhaps my fascination with why my friends who leave their maternal languages and landscape is that I’ve never wanted to live anywhere else. I intend to stay here. It got me thinking about origin and who we are based on where we are and what we want wherever we end up. I often hear the sentiment, “our intention was to stay a season in Fernie, but we’ve been here ever since.” Life is no happy accident. It’s full of intention. Everyday. Ev personifies this. I’m never surprised when I see her life captured on top of a gnarly mountain or working a paddle on a still Canadian lake. She’s exactly where she needs to be. On purpose. This month we dug deep into our intentions together.


By Ev Eijsermans and Sadie Rosgen

coming from somewhere


flat land

the sand is an hourglass sifting through my toes

I smell the sunshine on my skin

blooming yellow fixation



the flow of a river

a daydream of success

repeat success


I am grasping the end

I see a feather in the wind

a peaceful perception of balance

brings me to the brink

the bank is steep

therefore, I leap

getting ready for this deadly waking

my heart balloons

my parachute


It taught my brain to love


definitions worth having

a passenger train