Drew Hampson

If we went back to the beginning, the setting would be at a bonfire on May long weekend in 2014 where the first spark of D.I.Y or DIE Supply Co. was created. The conversation would consist of ridiculous ideas and clever endeavours to bring future success. Our boose-fuelled chat eventually shaping our idea into reality. Little did we know, but for Josh Llyod and myself, things would soon take shape into something that would begin to consume our lives. Something called D.I.Y or DIE Supply Company.

Our first opportunity taking our side hustle to the public was the Fernie Craft Fair. Less than two weeks into starting up, we applied. Another vendor luckily dropped out, creating a last minute spot for us. Unprepared and underslept we attended the fair and the rest was as they say “history.” We hit every local market and fair we could after that. Josh behind the wheel of his van, myself with boxes crammed to the roof. Producing anything we could in between show times, printing and drawing feverishly. We used to stage full living room setups at our outdoor markets, we’re talking couch, carpet, table, lamps
and art to create a cozy little backdrop for customers. We truly had no idea what we were doing, but we never second-guessed ourselves.

That’s what helped our artistic journey the most and we didn’t even know it. In 2015 we went from Fair and Markets to Tattoo and Art conventions. We shifted our focus to find our demographic. In the last year, we’ve honed in on our online presence, drawing in growth to our website and social media.

Creativity lives in many formats. That was my initial reaction upon securing employment with Giv’Er Shirt Works (GSW). Hired on in the production department, around the same time Josh and I became friends. We began creating art together on a daily basis, and I began to learn all the creative possibilities of Screen-Printing. We were blessed with the trust of my employers to create our products under their roof, and we began production. Our family evolved soon after that by bringing our longtime friend Murray Brokenshire on board. He reached out to us early on, submitting designs, and being a huge drive to our brand on the East Coast. Our friends Lazy Davis Flutz, Kent King and Liam Monahan have all since been involved with our growth, playing significant roles in our journey. Including working with our photographer friends Oliver Gosselin and Bobby Harrison.

What’s next for us is our new clothing collection dropping this May. Deemed The CHI CHI Collection these new designs and products will be dropped exclusively at the upcoming Market Collective in Calgary May 24-26. Attending this event will be a first for us. Beyond these next steps, you can find us releasing collections through the summer, working on collaborations and getting our products in retail stores. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see everything we have worked so hard to create.

For more information on Drew and his self proclaimed community of “artists, weirdos, creeps and crooks” visit diyordiesupplycompany.com.