Dreaming in Colour

Terry Nelson is a name I heard a lot when I first moved to Fernie. It seemed like this guy was everywhere! When I finally met the legend himself, we were volunteering together, showing me exactly the type of guy he is; a real influencer in his community. I am now fortunate enough to call him a friend and as I rushed to Polar Peek books to pick up his latest passion project, Fernie Area Hiking Trails and Natural Plant Compendium, I couldn’t help but think, now here’s a guy who knows the lay of the land and loves it unapologetically. It only made sense to collaborate on our annual green issue with Terry.

He indulged me as I created a “fill-in-the-blanks” style poem for us to create together. I thought the playfulness of it would whet his appetite and surely he could take a short break from his outdoor adventuring and book hawking to oblige me? As usual, Terry did not disappoint. Thanks, Terry! Enjoy.

Dreaming In Color

By Sadie Rosgen and Terry Nelson


If the earth is my sanctuary,

my mind is a watch.

I reap havoc wherever I wander.


Pay much mind to your feelings.

They say giveand don’t forget about your mission here.






Watch the water slip through nerves and numb

the suffering surroundings.


Be light.

Find spirit.

Reaching through boundless experiences.


Scour the places where you

come together better.

Delicate signals are blooming.

Heartfelt beacons.


Nature offers shelter.


What solace do we offer it?