Dive Inside the Mind

Spenser Fawcett is a welcoming smile, an avid flower gardener, a gentle pat on the back, a genuine wealth of fun, a Frisbee golfer, and an advocate for cannabis and it’s evolving culture. He is all things knowledgeable when it comes to what you should, could, and want to indulge in to elevate your human experience. For our green issue, I decided to delve into the experience of cannabis and its creative and psychoactive force field. Should you want more information or entertainment, you can follow Spencer on Instagram: #theredeyedrattail or find him in the flesh at Stick and Stone cannabis shop in Fernie.

Dive Inside the Mind
by Spenser Fawcett and Sadie Rosgen

fuzzy satisfaction is my amplified pleasure

adventure vulture

shapes in sculpture





Fade In

            Fade Out


escape the dread

come by this side instead


experimental alienation

the canary smokes weed

the foundation for its wildlife indeed



forward slash

devoted time to someone with similar values



driven to passions

generous with a lazy heart

take me back to the start


the talk radio show of the delicate ceiling is completely exposed


you sleep

I sleep

the magnetic relevance is completely benevolent

my time is spent: relaxed and fascinated, take the time for resonation


my face is happy and my heart follows

leave me here



no longer hollow