Discovering Your Curiosity

One of the greatest gifts of we have as humans is our curiosity, the deep desire we feel to learn and seek information from what peaks our interest. We are where we are today because curiosity inspired, and discovery revealed.

When we explore and find something interesting to us, our curiosity is triggered. From there we internally and/ or externally ask questions: who, what, when, where, why, and how? Answering these questions leads to discovery, and often furthers curiosity. Our world is a boiling pot of discovery, and we are the seekers.

Everyday discovery doesn’t need to be ground-breaking, or even original, because ultimately our lived experience and frame of reference inform the discovery experience. It can be as simple as being curious about a new food, trying it, discovering your feelings towards it, and either adopting it into your lifestyle, or knowing you won’t order or make that meal again.

Discovery and experimentation are building blocks in our evolution, both as a whole, and as individuals. Every day we discover something new. You may not think these discoveries have impact on your life, but overall, they make up who you are.

Because discovery is so closely linked with curiosity, if we fail to explore our curiosity will starve and we will not make connections. One of the best places to ignite inspiration and fuel curiosity is exploring your Library and all it has to offer.

Discovery will not find you unless you indulge your curiosity. The way we spend our time is our most valuable and precious currency. Following curiosity is not only a great way to spend your time, it’s also valuable and rewarding.

A Library is a place of discovery, a safe, non-judgemental, and accessible space. In addition to connecting people to resources, a Library is a hub that connects the community. Whether learning from a book, magazine, website, program, or team member, a Library is an all-you-can-eat buffet that inspires curiosity.

Walking through the stacks at the Fernie Heritage Library (FHL) is a sure-fire way to discover something new. I often find myself looking for one thing but becoming curious about an entirely different topic. This has led me to discover new interests, hobbies, recipes, patterns of thought, insight into the different life experiences, and led to personal and professional development.

This month FHL kicks off the Summer Reading Club: Crack the Case for children aged 7-12. This program will offer a combination of virtual and outdoor activities to engage children in active learning. We will also have the Summer of Fun Journaling Club for 10 to12 year-olds, a self-directed program with a story-sharing aspect at the end of the summer. For adults, FHL is challenging you to Read Outside the Box and broaden your horizons with our Summer Reading Challenge. These programs are great ways to discover new authors, stories, topics, and engage with others.