December 2022 Astrology

December begins with the autumn Sun still moving in the sky with Venus and Mercury, travelling through the sign of Sagittarius while retrograde Mars is in Gemini, forming an opposition. This is a strange opposition as Mars, the planet of doing, is retrograde so has an aspect of not-doing and it’s in the bipolar sign of Gemini meaning a propensity to switch! It’s a time with many shifts and surprises occurring quickly, and also a time of karma and love as Saturn conjuncts the asteroid Valentine.

December 7 brings the full moon just before midnight, with the moon and Mars retrograde both sitting at 16º of Gemini.  

We are in a perfect geometrical pattern of the planets, a special time as Mars can only be opposite to the Sun when it’s in retrograde.

December 21 marks the Winter Solstice as the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn and the longest night is upon the northern hemisphere. December 23 is the new moon, occurring at 3am with the Sun and the Moon sitting at 1º Capricorn conjunct asteroid Pholus, and continuing to travel in the sky with Venus, Mercury and Pluto. On this day, Chiron is also direct after many months of inward navigation. We felt it while it travelled retrograde through Aries and now that it’s direct, we revisit these spaces of deep wounds that may show outwardly instead of just being felt internally.

Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn December 29 until January 18, 2023 and it’s always a good time to pay attention to possible (mis)communication. December 31 ends with the Sun conjunct Pholus and Venus conjunct retrograde Mercury and Pluto.

You’re ruling planet, Mars, is travelling in retrograde opposite to the Sun, Venus and Mercury so this can be felt as tension and like your actions are not matching your heart-felt truth. A month of development and self-realization.

There is a big theme of relationships this month for everyone however we are in the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse this year so life is changing and it can be a confusing time. Trusting self and finding a spiritual practice is recommended.

A great time for introspection: why do you do what you do? The Sun, Venus and Mercury travel through your 7th house of partnership yet your actions may oppose this love potential. Why?

A month of deep healing. A good health and work routine could be very important to this healing work. Internally - you are making a lot of progress and this will show externally in time. Have patience and be kind to yourself.

A month where creativity, fun and children are of paramount importance! This is also a month to conserve your energy, especially in respect to the community, groups and festivities. Rest to allow for greater resources.

The home environment and work environment are of your top priorities this month. It’s a great month to re-evaluate why and how you take action and if there is a better way to take action. Unconditional love is felt in partnerships of all kinds this month.

An important month of communication and spiritual knowledge, which do co-exist. A great month to practice yoga, learn an ancient language, travel or read some spiritual or religious texts (and practice them).

Mars is a ruler of Scorpio and its retrograde may feel like a blast from the past. Patience is required alongside your deep introspection. A month of both potent communication and connections and a breaking away from any form of dependency.

A month of self vs. other. A time to reflect on your relationships and partnerships and be honest about where you do and do not show up. Are you being the best version of yourself in this life? Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the early-decan Capricorns. A good month to spend time in retrospection to align better with your truth and goals. There has been a lot of transformation for you these last few years. A powerful month for you to feel very supported on your path.

Happy festivity season! As the Sun and Venus travel through your 11th house of community, friends and groups of all kinds, I suspect a lot of celebration! This is also a month of inspiration and dreams.

Work is the forefront of your focus this month while patience is required with your emotions and your home environment. Respond rather than react. What actions do you need to create stability and security for your deepest, most nourishing levels?