December 2021 Astrology

Wrapping up the year will be done in style and a sense of magic. The Sun travels in Sagittarius until Winter Solstice, where it enters Capricorn. Winter Solstice is 9h 35 min shorter than Summer Solstice. 

New Moon at 12º occurs just past midnight on December 4 and Full moon occurs at 27º Capricorn-Cancer, just past midnight on December 19. Boundaries are a major theme with strong messages to those listening. This month actually has an incredibly palpable magical quality to it, so be receptive. 

There is a theme of dedicated communication as the Sun travels with Mercury and Vesta all month. Venus travels in Capricorn close to Pluto in the sky, giving an intensity to the solemn and responsible energy in partnership. Mars travels in Scorpio until December 13. Partnership is at the forefront and it’s sultry and mature.

Chiron remains retrograde in the sky travelling through Aries which means we are collectively dealing with pain and transformation. 

The last Saturn square Uranus occurs December 24 marking something major occurring. 

A month dedicated to work with an extra intensity to loving the grind as there is lots of energy to show up and manifest the dream.

A month of soul searching and spiritual growth. How do we show up in life? What do we want? Are we living out life from our pain body? Solemn truths.

Ending 2021 with a bang. What you can do in this month will make all of 2021 worth it. Watch the power of the shape shift.

An intense internal energy for you as many planets sit in Capricorn and show a giant mirror to your energy. A month of honest growth.

It’s a good month to find a counsellor, elder or mentor of some sort. We all need someone that we can look up to and learn from.

A month of work, and Virgo’s secretly like all the to do lists. It can make Virgo’s come to life in their own way and the best way to see the work ahead is by seeing it as a fun, or a sacred, mission.

It’s a work-oriented month for your energy so make extra care to bring balance by nurturing self (baths, yoga, long walks), cleaning the home and cooking lots.

October, November and December are the strongest months you have had in literally years so watch how your life shifts at this time, and how your spirit can show up, to rise again. 

A hugely transformative and spiritual month for you. Pay attention to the blessings because they are all around.

A month dedicated to self, love and work, with a solemn intensity as Pluto and Saturn travel through your sign.

It’s a serious month for you with so much energy in Capricorn, and yet, on the flip side, there’s a lot of ethereal light energy to the month that if used correctly can translate to a satisfying creative force. 

A month of solemn truth to self. Piscean energies are the master escape artists and can be illusive even to their own self. A good month to align to truth.