December 2020 Astrology

Communication of the higher spheres rules this month: spirituality, philosophy, culture and learning. It is a jovial, optimistic and abundant time beginning the day after a total lunar eclipse with all planets (except Uranus) direct in the sky. “The Big 3” (Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter) are still travelling in the late degrees of Capricorn.

Saturn and Jupiter conjunct each other and move into Aquarius the same day as the Sun moves into Capricorn, marking the Winter Solstice (12/21). This happens once every 300 years and will be visible in the southwest night sky just after sunset.

Venus travels through Scorpio until December 15 moving into Sagittarius, while Mars travels in Aries all month. Venus in Scorpio is intense, sultry and passionate where as in Sagittarius, the energy is light and roaming. Sagittarius energy is the great explorer of the zodiac, the spiritual traveler. Mars in Aries results in momentum – some real work can get done this month.

December 14 brings a total solar eclipse (and new moon) visible from the southern hemisphere only, but its energy is palpable with a major theme of Global Transformation. It’s the beginning of a new era and the planets, particularly these major eclipses, support this. Remember: inner integrity is paramount. There is a new way that requires new action, thought and feeling. Anyone trying to hold onto the past will have a tougher time so go with the flow and learn as you go, and laugh. 

Happy Holidays and blessed finale to 2020. 

There is a lot of fire energy to work with this month and finally with the planets direct and Mars still travelling through your sign, you can gain the momentum for the lost time this year. 

Inspiration will be refreshed this month and so will the details of how to implement major plans (contracts, new businesses, launches, commitments, moves). It is a good time to find capital funds for these goals. 

It’s an uplifting and exciting month for you. This eclipse is on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis and it affect everyone on Earth but especially you. This is the perfect time to make a big move as the planets are aligned to support you.

The energy of the month is uplifting and truly full of momentum. Now is a time to manifest what you have worked on internally. The full moon occurs December 29 in your sign meaning you will likely feel it emotionally.

A lot can happen in a short amount of time this month as the planets support movement. Change and enhanced creativity are accentuated and the full moon brings a fullness within the home. It is a blissful month.

There may be more change this month than you are ready for, and can continue through 2021 as “The Big 3” move into Aquarius creating tension for your energy. Christmas may bring a positive surprise for you.

Long-time support occurs for Libra placements as major planets transition into placements that are supportive for Libras. This energy will be palpable and continues into 2021.

Business opportunities are abundant and it’s the best time to sign contracts. It is a good month to make sure your health is in prime shape. Money comes with this eclipse!

This eclipse might be life changing for the Sag energies. It is said eclipses align us to our proper path so expect this as it unfolds in your life over the next six months. Happy birthday to you.

A blessed birthday for many of you Capricorns. Abundance and productivity abound this month, what a relief! Everything feels alive again and movement occurs.

A long-term trend occurs for you this month (and into 2021) as Saturn and Jupiter move into Aquarius: you are incredibly supported in whatever you choose. It’s your prime time astrologically, go do it.

An epic finale to a difficult year. It’s what you have been waiting for and stagnancy moves. It is a rare time where big decisions are supported so take advantage of this special energy.