December 2019 Astrology

December 2019 is a month of goal-orientation and determination with a major theme of change. Duty and focus on work take the forefront until Christmas. 2020 will bring major shifts in living, relationships and work situations. The Sun travels in the sky with the asteroid Pallas, which rules sacred wisdom so pay attention to your inner knowledge and direction. Jupiter, the planet of good luck, expansion, optimism and spirituality shifts into Capricorn after having spent the past year travelling in Sagitarrius and thus, the Sun, Pallas, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto travelling in Capricorn this month. Capricorn rules all things traditional which includes time, boundaries, restrictions, strength, dependability, integrity and is mostly involved with work. There is an alignment for divine purpose so that everyone starts to follow their heart and true passions. Trust the process.

A Gemini Full Moon occurs on 10/11 with the Moon opposite the Sun, Jupiter, Pholus and Mercury. Words will be said after a deep and introspective November which will give a clearing of energy via truthful communication meant to inspire and construct new universes. Abrupt changes in direction are predicted.

Mid-month brings unexpected opportunities so follow your passions and your heart. If you listen well you can gain a lot by making some swift moves.

A New Moon occurs 10/25 at the 4th degree of Capricorn. This energy deals with group dynamics and specifically with erosion. Mark the date, as hind site will show the means of change that will deal with entire landscapes of structure (government, legal, banking…) to enable a more practical approach.

Deep and transformative career changes await you! You are the pioneer of new territories so this is exciting. Take care not to exhaust yourself.

You are concerned with helping others and your own emotional security is not your predominant focus which may create internal conflict this month. It is unusual for you to not feel stable. Find balance.

Your words are sharp and direct this month. Your focus is on both your career and supporting your closest family members in the way you can. Clear planning of your future and the ability to achieve your goals is optimized.

You may find yourself really progressive and assertive this month as so many planets sit in your opposing energy of Capricorn. Family and home take the back burner as work is focused on. You will reap what you sow this month so put in the good work!

You have more of a focus on home this month, along with emotional ties. November’s retrograde Mercury brought up some past issues you must clear/cleanse to work forward to a brighter and happier future. Let this take your attention.

Home is also the forefront for you, it’s a good month to do ‘work’ in the home. Cleanse your space and focus on your health and yourself as your own health will take you farther in your career in the long run. Get sweating!

Watch your expenses this month as your finances must take your attention. Do not let yourself overspend as it will take a long time for you to gain back harmony if you do. On a positive note, you have luck in romance and with family.

Focus on excelling your knowledge to create your goals and dreams. It’s a good month to spend time and money on education and getting the certificate(s) you always wanted, which brings major success for you in 2020. You are completing a five-year cycle of deep integration and spiritual growth.

Family matters and emotional security are at the forefront of your priorities. Financial success will take place when you focus on these aspects first. Happy and positive energy comes from the home for you to achieve in the public/work sector. Make fun your priority!

Balance your professional and family life this month, there will not be much progress in existing relationships and perhaps it’s not easy to see ‘success’ or ‘achievement’ this month however rewards will be reaped in 2020. Practice gratitude.

You are full of good optimistic energy at work and have extra focus this month. In one month you have the ability to excel farther on the work-front than you did in the past entire year. Exploit your innate knowledge for business purposes and communicate your ideas! They will be taken well by your colleagues.

You have an exciting month ahead with so many opportunities that you may feel pulled in different directions and exhaust your energy with all the festivities. Family and emotional stability come as the month ends. Use breath techniques to help centre your energy.