December 2018 Astrology

The theme this month is all about relationships and communication and a truly immense transformation will occur this month, watch and see how the energy moves. There is a lot of fire mixed with passion, obsessiveness and it might feel decently intense at times.

Venus in Scorpio creates this theme. Scorpio energy rules intensity, passion, obsessive and possessiveness and it is very sexy. This sign rules total commitment, mind body and soul, while the energy of Scorpio is magnetic and mysterious this is also the ruler of the underworld so the deep chambers of the heart and true honest communication of these depths become the theme.

Mercury is retrograde for the first week meaning communication and thought processes are still altered. Often people are more introverted during this time and wisdom comes through this retrograde. The accumulation of the introverted energy that occurred throughout all of October and November with firstly Venus’ retrograde and then Mercury’s retrograde will start to be communicated after December 7. Jupiter, the planet that expands whatever it touches will be right next to Mercury so words will definitely be said, and with extra fire behind them. Mercury in Sagittarius does not think before speaking and is very truthful. Relationships will definitely be passionate and December 3-7 will be especially powerful.

Any karmic baggage that was left undone over the past ten years will be completed this month. It will be a refreshing full moon. The entire month will feel sensitive and beautiful.

Happy New Year and Blessings for 2019.

Wisdom and good fortune in your relationship this month. Take care of your health as work will be busy and demanding and the social activities of the holidays are something you would never miss out on. Don’t deplete yourself.

Health, career prospects and money are good for you this month. The possibility of passionate upheaval for you regarding partnership is high and the energy will feel better after mid December. Speak gently and with kindness.

Conserve your energy and your money as much as possible this month. You require more rest than usual. The first week of the month is frustrating however romance and creativity align better mid month.

The full moon will affect you immensely. Your beliefs are changing and this can feel uncomfortable. Love relationships are especially troublesome and you will be extra sensitive this month. Take care of yourself first, please.

A wonderful month for you, your health, energy, creativity and love relationships are abundant and enjoyable. Career may feel strenuous however financial growth is profitable.

Mercury and Venus are your ruling signs so be extra careful how you communicate this month as your judgements and scrutiny can be harmful. Take extra care of yourself, calming techniques are beneficial.

A favourable time in business and to use your creativity in this sector. Say what you need to say as simply and concisely as possible. Try not to get yourself too involved in what is in fact other people’s business, alone time is good for boundaries and maintenance.

A wonderful month for you, you will feel very aligned within yourself and powerful progress will be made in career, relationships and self-growth. A very powerful month to create your vision board and actually speak out loud your wants and dreams, speak it as if it has already occurred and watch how quickly it comes.

Transformation is your theme this month. Your health, love life and career prosper. Ride out the adventure as much growth happens for you. Happy birthday to you!

Your health is so abundant that you have extra energy to help others this month and that is the theme for you: being of support, aide and direction for others. You are wise beyond your years and see much more than you let on. Guiding others feels good, doesn’t it? Happy birthday to you December Capricorns.

You are motivated on your health this month and this is where you will focus your attention. Lots of good energy surrounds you this month. Spending time with your inner voice will grant you the clarity you need.

Professional development, financial growth and your love relationships are especially abundant this month. It’s a wonderful and happy month for you, full of deep felt connections. Take care of your health as even too much joy can actually deplete you. What a wonderful end to 2018. Blessings.