Dear Fernie

Hey there! There you are. I’m thrilled you’re checking us out online this time! Good for you. Things are certainly different now. I’m doing my best to lean in and I know you are too. I want to say that I’m proud of you. Yes, I am. This is a time in our lives that we will never forget. What are our memories right now? How will we recall a time so isolated, so inconceivable, so true?

Fernie, here is my love letter to you.

Dear Fernie,

We are beginners, animals too.
As we navigate compassion, try something new.
A hobby, a craft, an afternoon nap, stretched out in a hammock with a book in your lap.
Do something, anything or nothing at all.
Cook, clean, grow something green.
Stop wishing for the past in your mind’s time machine.
Teach school, take a class, and if you’re not sure what moves you, you can find it at last!

But what else?
What ELSE?

Do stop that mantra and just let it stew.
Brave women and men are out there for YOU!
So go home and stay home, (I know, I know, you already do).
I promise we’ll get it, we’ll figure it out, until then, my sweet friends, seek what life is about.
Lean into your passion or find it anew, ‘cause I know you are missing your old life and crew.

So spend time with yourself, or your kids or your stress,
and don’t get consumed if your life is a mess.
This time, it too, shall pass in a flash,
so take out the trash and grow out that stash,
at the end of this blow, we’re due for a bash!

Your community is here, waiting for you.

Love Sadie