Crafting a Greener Little Blue Dot

Humanity has played a significant role in changing the climate of our little blue dot. The past few decades have seen our time in the naughty corner increase, with Mother Nature (and David Attenborough, among others) scolding us to get our act together. We see her wrath in rising temperatures, thunderous storms, bushfires, floods, and extreme climates. She’s mad, and we did this. We need to do better. 

Those conscious of the consequences their actions have to the future of our planet, have implemented lifestyle changes to help - breaking up with single use plastic, walking instead of driving, altering their diet to be more environmentally friendly, composting, adopting more sustainable resources, etc. The sacrifices of these lifestyle adaptations all hang on personal threads, and not everyone can commit 
to (the sometimes) extreme changes. Something we CAN all do, however, is educate ourselves.

As with anything, the more we know, the more we understand what we can do, and how we can help. Fernie Heritage Library hosts a large range of resources on recycling, renewable energy, climate change, sustainable living, and more. We also provide a special collection on greenhouse gases and local environmental information for our patrons. This collection is popular with climate activists and can be found on the reference floor of the Fernie Heritage Library. 

From resource sharing within a small town to the province-wide interlibrary loan program, libraries work on a sustainable platform. The shift in society towards a more virtual world has led libraries to equip themselves with e-books, e-audiobooks, e-magazines, and numerous electronic databases, making access to information easily accessible and readily available. We also pride ourselves on having green programming, by using recycled materials that are often bought second hand or donated, to create fun and inspiring activities for children. 

With combined efforts and environmental education, we have the power to slow the rate of global warming and help heal our planet. With restoration and reversal techniques, this year’s Earth Day will focus on more than society’s ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ mantra. The ‘Restore Our Earth’ movement is a shift from reduction and adaptation as the only ways to address the issue, towards natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems.

Click the image to view larger and download the coloring sheet!

With the largest civic observance in the world, Earth Day attracts over 1 billion people yearly who are dedicated to furthering climate action. We at Fernie Heritage Library are some of those people. This year we are partnering with Wildsight, with help from Fernie Home Hardware for a (COVID-19 responsible) Pick Up For a Plant and Our Planet clean-up day, Saturday April 24. Our aim is to create an eyesore of piled trash bags in our garden - which will be disposed of thoughtfully after display! We will provide clean-up supplies curbside for you to head out and help tidy our town. In exchange for a bag of trash, we will be gifting all helpers with a seedling to take home and plant.