Community Anywhere

As an avid reader of the Fix, I was always swept away by Micah Morris’ writing. She has a natural gift for telling stories with passion and so, with my creative admiration looming, I asked her to write with me for our Community issue. Through emails and Instagram messaging, we connected deeply on what it means to be a part of a community.

There is no denying what an incredible community we continue to build here in Fernie but in a broader sense, I beg the question, “what is community anywhere?”

Current Times by Micah Morris

A hunter silent in the wood at dark

A ski bums only dream is perfect pow

A teenage wanders with devilry

Whispering gossip

On 2nd Ave

An old local sips his coffee


A Kiwi and an Aussie work the season shifts

A miner wakes to a setting sun

Shopkeepers wake to a rising one


A young traveller packs their bags

New lands wait


These people immersed in their own lives

Maybe staying strangers

Maybe mad lovers, intertwined as strongly as roots hold the soil together


Flow like a river’s current along the riverbanks

In and out of each other’s lives as each season turns

Each of us bonded


Snow falls

Sun shines


In search of our own belonging


HERE by Sadie Rosgen

community realness

the unifying pain we feel

symbols of strength and resilience

these are our shields


connection beyond recognition

with love

as the ammunition


finding your tribe

to survive


knowing, really knowing






the path with trust

indulging our desire

the fire that matters


we’re distracted by hate

in spite of how we relate


so join

come together

find out how to come alive




with this single opportunity

be public