Coming to Pieces Without Falling Apart

“To live in the hearts we have left behind is not to die.”
-Thomas Campbell

“At the blueness of the skies and the warmth of summer, we remember them.”
-Sylvan Kamers and Rabbi Jack Reimer

“All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” 
-Havelock Ellis

As the second anniversary of my father’s death hangs in the distance, I am reminded of how massive loss can feel even after considerable time has elapsed. My thoughts and love go to you as you manage your loss experience, one that is raw and hard to fathom and even harder to live with. 

I see you. 

Enjoying the simple offerings around us is healing. The glimmer on the water, the small particles of sand sliding through fingertips, heat waves radiating the sun’s energy all around us. It’s in this simple poetry that nature can help us heal and remember. 

coming to pieces without falling apart  
by Sadie Rosgen

I sat on a bench made of hockey sticks and longed for you,
a trusty base of working wood supported by my love and quaking heart.
I look for you in these places: a noisy ball game, 
an oldie spinning on the turntable, 
the smooth melody of your whistle or the triumphant cry of your baritone when your team scores are molded in my mind, forever fixed in time. 
I know that you live in all of these places but where are you?
Perpetually, I long for you. 
am I enough of you to keep your spirit alive? are any of us? 
we had custody of each other’s hearts and now I am left with only my own to hold and deal with and a history of love to heal with.