Coastal Harvest

A recent trip to Vancouver has me missing the ocean and the swoony, salty feelings that it brings. I am so very lucky to have lived on both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. As you welcome harvest with the fall season, I hope that it can be spent with people and food that you enjoy very much!

Coastal Harvest
by Sadie Rosgen 

Salt streaked Sunday dinner in the heart of the Pacific Ocean.

Thanksgiving at sea…

Turkey legs lap back and forth
as we lick the gravy from our chins.
The culinary journey at sea begins!

Stuffing and cranberries strewn all about, escaping the tenderest grasp of our mouths.
Carrots and potatoes masquerade ‘round as we chew them together
without making a sound.
When all of the salad is done dancing in place,
my tongue finds some dressing to lick off my face.

Our trip is a wild one, moving full speed.
A thanksgiving at sea? Is that what we need?

My mother assures us, “it’s all in good fun,”
so we cut the dessert and then we’re all done.
Turkey and pie are what fuel us now,
as we gather to watch the sun bow.

The sea has now calmed,
the sun will now set,
as we pack our belongings,
it’s the best harvest yet.