Choosing Strangers

This month I took to the streets, restaurants, trails, campsites, and a few other dimly lit corners of Fernie to beseech the masses about the choices they’ve made in life. In some cases, this was a difficult thing to do. Some folks walked away, unwilling to speak to a total stranger about how life is unfolding (I expected as much), but if you know me, you’ll know that talking to strangers is one of my favourite things to do. I was impressed by the bravery and vulnerability that was shared.

Thank you to the strangers who helped create this piece for our choice issue and to those who were unable, that’s a choice too.

Choosing Strangers

He sleeps in our bedroom



Finding love with an endless supply

High fives



Searching for the squishy feeling

I’m surviving

And only the sun can remedy these exhausted emotions




Gluttony through mastication

The whole world by fascination

To protect your body

To live out loud

To carry your confidence under a shroud

Be kind


Drool in your sleep

Smile while you weep

Find comfort in the company you keep

Being dynamic to avoid the panic


To say goodbye


To Live

To Die