Being There

“I don’t like nostalgia, unless it’s mine.”
- Lou Reed

As I prepared this month’s poem solo, I travelled back in my mind. I went to a place that was just as uncertain as today. In going back, resolve and evolution play on the heartstrings. Memories can become richer as you relive them, perhaps more fantasy than reality. Nostalgia elevates our longing for a simpler time.

Live safely.

Live simply.

Happy Holidays.

Being There

calm are the voices of the past

at the edge

specific mystery


watching how the bird is served

topping up that drink

letting the ornament give a wink

I know you’re here

twisting the napkin in my lap


gone so long

I’m pining for your scent

almond roca

could you not have stayed here?

coty mist

are we all so bad?


the record spinning

our minds wondering

winning the memorys’ mechanism of before


kissing my face off

playing hearts and flowers

tear-jerking schmaltz


I yearn for you here


the skeleton in the fire

bone upon bone

a shadowy surface on a brave

winter evening