Becoming Snow

As we prepare for the fall to cease and the wondrous snow to appear, I am reminded of a lovely new friend who paid me a visit in Fernie years ago. She was experiencing snow for the first time in her life and it was remarkable to witness! As our community welcomes people from all over the world for another winter season, I am reminded of her, her curiosity, and exuberance surrounding snow and its inescapable grasp throughout our magical winters.

Becoming Snow
by Sadie Rosgen 

Becoming snow,
sometimes soft, luminescent richness
cascading moisture from the sky.

Bathed in crystal light,
prismatic whirlwind of white.

each one of them,
mastered by oneness.

My eyelids fold closed,
my tongue
the sensation keeps me hypnotized in the elements.

Layered experience of winter wonder,
the ice melts, grinning.

My mind reminds my body of this joy.
Frosted wonder holds me.