Becca Davies

I believe in being endlessly curious. Whether that be directly through picking up a new medium or collaborating with someone different from ourselves. I remember during art classes at school, tutors would get us to replicate well known artists’ work. At the time, I felt like a cheat! However, I now realize that understanding other creatives’ work only adds to my pool of knowledge.

Creativity has peppered my life. Starting with a set of gifted water colours, progressing onto a brief stint in Silversmithing then slowly settling into Product and Furniture Design, I’ve always been drawn to working in 3D. My Grandad, whom I never got to meet, and my Dad are very good woodworkers, so using tools felt inherent to me.

When travelling to Canada my toolbox had to shrink and lino printing felt like the next medium I had to try. Carving tools, alongside the old school printing press at the Art Station, got me fired up. After a year or so of teaching myself this new medium I got an unusual bout of courage to apply for a solo show. The idea behind my show developed very organically. Curiosity, collaboration and curation were the key ideas and so somewhat selfishly I decided I wanted to work with talented artists and makers locally. Learning sgraffito with Caroline of Passionfruit Pottery, material manipulation from the wonderful Sam Sedlowsky and art as a form of self-care with Chloe of Luna & Venus.

Another collaboration close to my heart was with talented oil painter, Tara Higgins. When she asked me to work with her on a mural I said, “Yes!” without hesitation. In the summer of 2022, we won the proposal and installed the 13’x84’ mural in Fernie’s Station Square. The experience was invaluable and taught me that collaborating and being open to learn from others is the best way to progress as an individual.

Within my printmaking, I create work that is inspired by travel and special moments close to my heart. As a seller, it makes my heart sing when people find joy from the stories told within my compositions. One of my best sellers - Morag features a kooky highland ‘coo’ offering a mouthful of flowers - I like to create a certain kind of comedy and whimsy that people respond to. Comedy is important, people like to laugh. The challenge with creating high contrast, monochromatic lino prints is making sure the composition is clear and cohesive. I admire work that can display complex things in the most approachable and simplest of ways. Perhaps this is why I have now decided to merge all my skills to offer graphic design and illustration services.

Inkybec Studio was launched in the Fall of 2023, offering branding and illustration products and services. Born from a home studio of an artist we aim to offer strong art direction and curated branding across all platforms - physical storefront, web, merchandise and socials. Clients have included Freyja Boutique, Mugshots, Wapiti Music Festival and others. I’m really looking forward to building this business throughout 2024 with the aim of taking on projects including illustration for children’s books and collaborating with outdoor hard-good brands… and more murals, lots more murals - go big or go home!

Follow Becca on social media @inkybec_studio to see more of her work or email her at Her artwork can be found at H Squared Gallery in downtown Fernie, and her murals in Station Square adjacent to the Arts Station and in Mugshots.