As we emerge into another school year, I am reminded of this beginning through my own children and their educational experience. Parents and guardians are presented with numerous options when it comes to attaining and sustaining education and the promotion of lifelong learning. I was incredibly fortunate to have grown up in a country where education is available to me as a woman. I am also incredibly fortunate to have been raised by parents who value education and promoted my brother and I to continue our educational journey beyond high school. Below is a playful examination of how education connects us all. 

by Sadie Rosgen 
Come together, 
come to school, 
sit right beside me and play the fool. 

Completely frenzied by math and gym class, 
belly baseball and cafeteria sass. 

I muster through, 
curiosity is my study guide, 
swallowing my pride through the halo of essays and home ec haze.

I got the new stuff but now it’s time to work, 
grades and great expectations are the gig now, 
finding out,
learning how. 

Whether it’s one room, 
online, or outside,
education is the common tie that binds us all.