Awesome Play Things

This month I teamed up with one of my favourite people, ever! Penny Lewis. She was a young lady (barely 3 years old) when I met her at the Fernie public library. She was devouring book after book, her kind father lamenting he can’t read her the same book twice! As an eight year old, she shines so brightly and as time would tell, we ended up working together with fun and ease for this issue. Penny and I even shared an early draft of this poem with Pat Brennan, a famed travel writer from the Toronto Star who we randomly met while writing together. He loved our piece and encouraged Penny and me to write more together. I couldn’t agree more. Thank you, Penny, keep on shining little one!

Awesome Play Things

by Sadie Rosgen and Penny Lewis


We play



It’s our commitment to fun!


Finding our legs,

warmed by the hot sun.


This fun feels: AWESOME




The ways we stay in play:

Skiing, snowboarding, swimming, skating, skateboarding, singing,

seeing the world for ourselves,

gazing under the stars,

searching for Mars…


Traveling to foreign lands

to find undiscovered creatures.


We play wherever we want!

In houses, with toys, with siblings

In the mountains, with trees, with animals

On vacation, with new places, new faces.


A new phase is upon us.


So drive in




to the rivers


don’t rush


It’ll be better that way.

Save all your days for play.


We play,