August 2023 Astrology

August begins with a full moon in Aquarius and ends with a full moon in Pisces, which is also the end of the lunar year. The sun travels through Leo until August 23 where it moves into Virgo. Venus went retrograde July 22 in Leo and will travel into Virgo while Mercury and Mars travel in Virgo all month. Mercury will turn retrograde August 23 to September 14 (in Virgo) and Uranus will turn retrograde August 28 - January 27, 2024 (in Taurus).

August is not the jovial energy it normally is. It’s more meticulous and structured with major planets in Virgo and is more internal and reflective with many planets in retrograde. Themes from the past such as loves, debts, karma, wounds, and abuse will be revisited, and this is a regenerative time.

The August 1 full moon occurs at 9°Aquarius at 1pm in Fernie with a theme of consciousness and power. Mercury, Venus and Mars are travelling closely in the sky and relationships are a major focus, alongside communication.

August 16 is the new moon, occurring at 5am in Fernie. The sun and the moon sit in the sky at 23° Leo and tightly conjunct retrograde Venus and Black Moon Lilith all while Mercury, pallas (wisdom) and Mars travel in conjunction in Virgo. Additionally, Saturn and Uranus sit in conjunction in Taurus. Love and the sexual sides are highlighted, and Virtue is the theme.

August 30 is the full moon at 7° Pisces is conjunct retrograde Saturn and is a pivotal point in the year marking the end of the lunar cycle and a time of endings. This moon is about self-assertion, to stand uncompromisingly in your own truth.

Leo energy boosts your energy all month and although it is the most playful month of the year, this year’s is also strategic and practical. Work may even take some of your “extra” time and that’s ok. 

Uranus, the planet of surprises and quick, life-shifting changes is moving through your sign and turns retrograde this month. You may look back at this year and see how many shifts happened. It’s a time of growth.

A fun month for you although not as wild as most summer/Leo times are but still a good time. Love themes from the past are up for a visit and the start of the month is a good time to communicate from your heart.

A month where you feel more social. A trip and adventure rejuvenate you. Your love language may be internalized but your actions will be practical and straight forward to those you hold dearest.

Many planets are retrograde this month and many are also travelling through Virgo so although it’s your month to shine, it’s also more practical. Perhaps you do not want that big of a birthday party this year and that’s normal with these planetary alignments.

A practical and happy month for you. August and September are your months to shine this year so use the planetary energy to your advantage. A great month to combine work and fun. Happy birthday!

Major focus this month is on your loved ones but don’t forget about you. Make sure you are spending time doing what you love and not catering to those you love. It’s as important for you to balance with others as it is to find your own internal balance.

A fun, loving and practical month. Don’t be surprised with the surprises though: those are bound by Jupiter and Uranus travelling in the sky together. An old love might come back to communicate and hash out some karma.

A jovial and upbeat time for you. A good time to spend time in the sun while also decluttering the garage and the storage shed and all those things we don’t want to do when the snow comes.

A relaxing and happy month for you. A time when work and play are in good balance and so balanced that there is time for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. Spend time in the sun!

This month begins with an optimistic feeling: luck, a time of opportunity is on the horizon, and it can be felt. There may be some surprising shifts that happen: 
a new love, engagement, a major move. Embrace this.

A balancing month for you as planets in Virgo sit across from your Piscean energy. It’s also a month to hash out major karma from the past. A time to stand in your truth. In these places of truth, crucifixion occurs. Your power is within.